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Title: 認知組織公平、內在動機、創造力自我效能對知識分享的影響
Employees’ Perceived Organizational Justice Affects on Knowledge Sharing Mediated by Intrinsic Motivation, and Creative Self-efficacy.
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon Chao
Hsu, Han-Yun
Keywords: 認知組織公平
Work Intrinsic Motivation
Organizational Justice
Creativity Self-efficacy
Knowledge Sharing Mediated
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 知識經濟已是當今主流的企業發展的型態,主要以創新、科技、資訊、全球化、競爭力等做為其成長的動力,而這些因素的運用必須依賴知識的累積、應用以及轉化。而企業的存在理由是不停的創造知識,員工也是組織中重要的資產,當公司促進員工的知識創造和分享行為時,企業也在投資、開發和維護他們的競爭優勢和整體企業績效。基於個人與組織適配度理論,本研究加入了認知組織公平、內在動機以及創造力自我效能三個變項來衡量是否對於員工知識分享的四種型態有所影響,本研究採用便利抽樣方式針對目前在職的員工進行調查,使用google表單問卷放置於網路上,回收後刪除無效問卷最後共剩下232份,並採用結構方程模型進行驗證性因子分析,而研究結果顯示1.認知組織公平對內在動機以及創造力自我效能有正向相關、2.內在動機對於知識分享的四種類型有正向相關、3.創造力自我效能對於知識分享的四種類型有正向相關,最後,根據本研究提出了一些建議給各位企業界以及後續研究者做參考。
The knowledge of the factors of mainstream enterprise development today. It mainly uses innovation, technology, information, globalization, competitiveness, etc. as its driving force for growth. The application of these factors must rely on the accumulation, application and transformation of knowledge. When the company promotes the knowledge creation and sharing of employees, the company also invests in, develops and maintains their competitive advantage and overall Corporate performance. Based on the theory of personal and organizational justice, this study adds three variables: employee intrinsic motivation, organizational justice, and creativity self-efficacy to measure whether it affects the four types of employee knowledge sharing. Investigate the current employees, use the google form questionnaire to Be placed on the Internet, and delete the invalid questionnaires after recycling. A total of 232 copies are left, and the structural equation model is used for confirmatory factor analysis. The research results show 1. employee's intrinsic motivation is Organizational justice and creativity self- 3. Creativity and self-efficacy are positively related to the four types of knowledge sharing. Finally, according to this The study puts forward some suggestions for The reference of the business community and follow-up researchers.
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