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Title: 差序式領導、領導部屬交換關係與組織公民行為之關係-以知覺自己人程度為調節效果
The Relationship between Differential Leadership, Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Perceived Insider Status
Authors: 陳怡靜
Chen, Yi-Ching
Ting, Chao-Ting
Keywords: 差序式領導
Differential Leadership
Leader-Member Exchange
Organizational Citizenship
Behavior Perceived Insider Status
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討差序式領導與組織公民行為之歷程,領導部屬交換關係之中介效果以及知覺自己人程度之調節效果。使用問卷調查法採便利抽樣,將主管-員工配對,並採一對一的配對方式,有效問卷回收總計113對。研究結果顯示,照顧溝通以及獎勵提拔與領導部屬交換關係有具以有正向關係;領導部屬交換關係與組織公民行為具有正向關係;領導部屬交換關係在照顧溝通以及獎勵提拔與組織公民行為具有中介效果;知覺自己人程度在照顧溝通以及獎勵提拔與領導部屬交換關係具有強化之調節效果。最後針對上述結果進行討論,並提供學術及實務參考依據。
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of differential leadership on organizational citizenship behavior, the mediating role of leader-member exchange and the moderating role of perceived insider status. The one to one questionnaire survey was conducted in this study, and one hundred thirteen pairs of effective samples were received. The results indicate that caring communication, giving promotion with reward are positively associated with the leader-member exchange, and leader-member exchange is positively associated with organizational citizenship behavior and leader-member exchange mediate the relationship between caring communication, giving promotion with reward and organizational citizenship behavior. Then, leader-member exchange moderates the relationship between caring communication, giving promotion with reward and leader-member exchange. The final conclusion from this research formed the basis for academic and practical references.
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