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Title: 心理資本對主動生涯行為之影響:生涯調適力與多變生涯態度之中介效果
Psychological Capital and Proactive Career Behavior:The Mediating Effects of Career Adaptability and Protean Career Attitude
Authors: 謝慧賢
Keywords: 心理資本
Psychological Capital
Career Adaptability
Protean Career Attitude
Proactive Career Behavior
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著環境的快速變化以及新生涯觀的興起,心理資本較高的個人,因為擁有正向的心理素質,因此可能具備能夠處理生涯需求和面對生涯壓力的資源,還會建立適當的生涯目標,自主地指導他們的生涯道路,進而發展主動生涯行為。因此本研究探討了心理資本對主動生涯行為之間的關係,並進一步驗證多變生涯態度與生涯調適力的中介效果。本研究以在職員工為研究對象,採問卷調查法共計回收有效問卷為238份,研究結果發現: 一、心理資本對生涯調適力與多變生涯態度有正向關係。 二、生涯調適力與多變生涯態度對主動生涯行為有正向關係。 三、生涯調適力會中介心理資本與主動生涯行為之關係。 四、多變生涯態度會中介心理資本與主動生涯行為之關係。
Due to the fast-changing competitive career environment, people with high psychological capital are likely to be energized ,and therefore encourage their engagement in proactive career behaviors by building positive resource that motivate their goal pursuit. This paper describes an investigation of the relationship between psychological capital and protean career attitude, and the mediating effects of career adaptability and protean career attitude. A survey was conducted among a sample of 238 employees in Taiwan. The results show that: 1.Psychological capital is positively related to career adaptability and protean career attitude. 2.Career adaptability and protean career attitude is positively related to proactive career behavior. 3.Career adaptability and Protean career attitude both mediate the relationship between psychological capital and proactive career behavior.
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