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Title: 人力資源從業人員的工作特性對工作績效影響之研究-以工作滿意為中介變項
Research on the Impact of Human Resources Practitioner’s Work Characteristics on Work Performance: Taking Job Satisfaction as the Mediation Variable
Authors: 林弘昌
Chieh, Ho
Keywords: 工作特性
Work characteristic
Work satisfaction
Work performance
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 企業為追求永續經營需仰賴營運策略外更需靠組織成員的付出,以提昇企業的競爭優勢以達永續發展,若員工體認所負責之工作內容特性具意義且有價值,將可提升員工執行工作之滿意感受,進而增進工作的表現更賣力為組織服務,故企業如何增進員工滿意感受,尤以人力資源工作者更是不可忽視的重點。針對本研究欲調查人力資源工作者在與工作有關之特性知覺、在執行工作中獲得之滿意感受以及執行工作後之結果表現之間的關係。本研究以全台灣從事人力資源工作者為研究對象,利用「工作特性」、「工作滿意」 、「工作績效」量表實施問卷調查,共回收 220 份有效問卷。問卷資料經彙整後執行信效度分析、描述敘述性分析、迴歸分析與中介效果分析以驗證本研究所提之各項研究假設。結果發現:(1)人力資源人員「工作特性」對「工作績效」具有顯著預測力;(2)人力資源人員在「工作特性」對「工作滿意」具有顯著預測力;(3)人力資源人員「工作滿意」對「工作績效」具有顯著預測力;(4)人力資源人員「工作滿意」在「工作特性」「工作績效」之間具部分中介作用;人力資源人員「內在滿意」在「工作重要性」與「任務績效」之間具完全中介作用。依前述結果提出相關建議供未來實務與學術研究參考之用。
In order to pursue sustainable operation, the effort to enterprises rely on the organizational members as well as the operation strategy, so as to enhance the company competitive advantage andachieve development. Satisfaction during execution, which in turn enhances the performance of the work, is willing to stay in the organization and service. Therefore, how to show staff members working satisfied is an important point. Understanding relationship between human resources perception of "work properties", "working satisfaction" and "work performance" is the target of this paper. Collected about 220 questionnaires, using "work properties", "work satisfaction", "work performance" and other scales for all human resources workers in Taiwan. The collected data were analyzed with "reliability", "validity analysis", "descriptive statistical analysis", "regression analysis" and "intermediary effects" to verify the hypothesis of this study. The study found that: (1)The perception of work properties of human resources personnel has been prediction in work performance present positively significant prediction. (2)The perception of work properties of human resources personnel has been prediction in work satisfaction present positively significant prediction. (3)The work satisfaction of human resources personnel has been prediction in work performance is partially established present positively significant prediction.(4)The work satisfaction of public officials has a partial intermediary effect between the perception of work properties and work performance. Aaccording to the results, puts forward the suggestions for the practical and future research of enterprise management.
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