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Title: 臺灣食品產業雇主品牌與員工留任意願關係之研究—工作滿意度之中介效果
Relationship Between Employer Brand and Employees’ Retention of Taiwan Food Industry: The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction
Authors: 黃能堂
Huang, Neng-Tang
Tsai, Li-E
Keywords: 雇主品牌
employer brand
job satisfaction
employees’ retention
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 穩定優質的雇用關係與提升員工留任意願是企業間日益激烈的競爭。雇主品牌為組織注入策略性人力資源管理的關鍵思維,反映企業對人才留任管理的重視。良好的雇主品牌可提升企業競爭優勢,也是激勵與吸引目標人才的重要策略。 本研究以臺灣食品產業從業人員為研究對象,透過問卷調查法探討雇主品牌、工作滿意度與員工留任意願之關係,以及工作滿意度於雇主品牌與員工留任意願之間關係的影響,共回收520份有效問卷,研究結果顯示:(1)雇主品牌與工作滿意度為顯著正向關係,(2)雇主品牌與員工留任意願為顯著正向關係,(3)工作滿意度與員工留任意願為顯著正向關係與(4)工作滿意度於雇主品牌與員工留任意願之間的關係具有部分中介效果。 本研究結果可作為食品產業推動雇主品牌實務參考。努力打造良好的企業品牌與優質穩定的雇用關係,有助於提升員工的工作滿意度與留任意願。本研究並提出對食品產業在建立、推動與強化良好雇主品牌的實務建議,以及後續研究的建議。
Good employer brand and high job satisfaction are essential for sustained competitive advantage and effective employee retention in the rapidly changing marketing environment. This study aimed to determine how the employer brand influences employees’ retention. Additionally, analyzed the mediating effect within these factors regarding employer brand, job satisfaction, and employee retention. The approach adopted by a questionnaire survey of Taiwan food industry employees used to identify the relationship between employer brand and employee retention, the results indicated that these factors of employer brand were positively related to job satisfaction and employee retention. Job satisfaction affected positively on employee retention, and employer brand was positively related to employee retention through the job satisfaction as a mediator. The findings based on the survey result noted that a positive employer brand can be considered as a retention method that influencing the entire employment experience, promoting the concept of a good place to work and strengthen the relationship between employees and organization. The conclusion from this study can be used as bases for further empirical research.
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