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Title: 資訊人員人格特質、工作滿意度與工作績效之關聯性研究-以C公司為例
The Research of Relationship among Personality, Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Information Staff:Take C Company as an Example
Authors: 林弘昌
Lin, Hung-Chang
Wu, Li-Ya
Keywords: 人格特質
Personality traits
Job satisfaction
Job performance
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 隨著FinTech興起,金融業與科技業之間密切合作,各大金融機構及科技公司皆積極網羅資訊人員,而招募資訊人員的工作也一直是人力資源人員重要的任務範疇之一。要如何招募到的優秀資訊人員呢?從過往文獻及研究中可以知道,人格特質的確會影響工作滿意和工作績效,因此,本研究使用「資訊人員人格特質、工作滿意度與工作績效之關聯」問卷,於108年4月1日至4月3日期間發出179份問卷,調查C個案公司的179位資訊人員的人格特質、工作滿意與工作績效之關係。有效問卷共計156份,有效問卷回收率為87.15%。回收的原始資料經整理後以信效度分析、描述統計分析、相關分析、迴歸分析等統計方法進行分析。研究結果發現:(1)人格特質對工作績效具有顯著正向影響,部分成立;(2)人格特質對工作滿意度具有顯著正向相關,部分成立;(3)工作滿意度對工作績效具有顯著正向影響,部分成立。最後,提出實務管理意涵與建議,作為未來金融業招募資訊人員及規畫教育訓練的參考。
ABSTRACT With the rise of FinTech, the financial industry and the technology industry have cooperated closely. Major financial institutions and technology companies are actively recruiting information personnel. The recruitment of information personnel has always been one of the important tasks of human resources personnel. How to recruit excellent information personnel? From the past literature and research, we can find that personality traits really affect job satisfaction and job performance. Therefore, this study adopts a questionnaire survey method to investigate the C case with the questionnaire “personality of information personnel, job satisfaction and job performance”. The relationship between personality traits, job satisfaction and job performance of the company's 179 information staff. A total of 179 questionnaires were distributed during the period from April 1 to April 3, 2008. A total of 156 valid questionnaires were collected, and the effective questionnaire recovery rate was 87.15%. The recovered raw materials are sorted and analyzed by statistical methods such as reliability and validity analysis, descriptive statistical analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. The results show that: (1) personality traits have a significant positive impact on job performance, and some are established; (2) personality traits have a significant positive correlation with job satisfaction, and some are established; (3) job satisfaction has significant performance Positive impact, partially established. Finally, based on the research results, this study puts forward the meaning and suggestions of practical management as a reference for recruiting information workers and planning education training in the future financial industry.
Other Identifiers: G0005712114
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