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Title: 巡山員之薪酬公平認知、組織承諾及工作投入之關係研究
A Study of the Relationship between Compensation Equity, Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement of Forest Rangers
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Chen, Ying-Fan
Keywords: 巡山員
forest ranger
compensation equity
organizational commitment
job involvement
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 巡山員係維護我國林業資源最重要的人力資本之一,但目前依其進用制度,特殊性技工離退後,僅能以約僱森林護管員甄補,2類人員工作相同但於權益保障程度上,係有明顯差異,難以吸引林業專業人才長期投入森林巡護工作,也出現離退人數高之現象。本研究研析「薪酬公平認知、組織承諾與工作投入」間之關聯性,進一步了解薪酬公平認知是否調節其兩者之間的關係,採問卷調查法,以目前在F機關的巡山員為對象,發放問卷528份,有效回收425份。問卷蒐集資料經統計分析與檢定,獲致結果如次:(1)薪酬公平認知與工作投入具有正相關;(2)薪酬公平認知與組織承諾具有正相關;(3)薪酬公平認知對組織承諾與工作投入間之關係並無調節效果。最後依研究結果研擬建議,提供評估未來巡山員進用政策之參考。
Forest rangers are one of the most important human capital for maintaining Taiwan's forestry resources. However, according to their employment system, after forest rangers’ resignation or retirement, they can only be substituted by contract employees. The two types of personnel, salaried and contracted, work the same but are protected by different rights. Therefore, it is challenging to attract the professional to devote themselves to forest patrol work for a long time. This leads to a high turnover rate. This study aimed to explore whether compensation equity is correlated to organizational commitment and job involvement respectively. Furthermore, to investigate the interference effect of compensation equality on the relationship between the other two factors, A questionnaire survey was conducted in 2019. Participants in the survey were 528 salaried and contract forest rangers, and 425 returned questionnaires were valid. After using SPSS to statistically analyze the collected data, the following results are obtained: (1) There is a positive correlation between compensation equity and job involvement. (2) A positive correlation exists between compensation equity and organizational commitment. (3) No significant interference effect of compensation equity was found on the relationship between organizational commitment and job involvement. The conclusions of this study may provide a reference for policy to recruit forest rangers.
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