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Title: 行動廣告在不同社群媒體上的風格比較—以Facebook、Instagram官方廣告為例
The type differences of mobile advertising between different social media The case study of Facebook and Instagram advertising
Authors: 沈永正
Shen, Yong-Zheng
Chiu, Jr-Yu
Keywords: 行動廣告
Mobile advertisement
Social media
Advertising value
Advertising requests
Advertising types
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 社群媒體已經成為我們生活中的一部分,企業必須要了解不同平台的特性與使用者類型,才能更有效的進行社群媒體行銷。如果能善用社群廣告來行銷,即時掌握品牌口碑的風向、了解消費者需求,發展更貼近消費者的行動廣告,能幫助企業獲得較佳的效益。 本研究主要探究行動廣告在不同社群媒體上面的風格屬性與氛圍,透過廣告價值(資訊性、娛樂性、干擾性、可信性)、廣告訴求(理性訴求、感性訴求)以及廣告類型(告知性、說服性、提醒性、比較性、增強性),來分析行動廣告在Facebook以及Instagram上不同的風格差異比較。首先根據相關文獻探討建立分析類目,採用內容分析法研究抽樣的200則廣告,並使用SPSS獨立樣本t檢定來分析。研究結果發現,Facebook和Instagram整體廣告上的風格比較,差異最為顯著的是理性、感性以及增強性。並且Facebook偏向資訊性、理性、告知性、比較性、增強性,而Instagram則是在娛樂性、干擾性、可信性、感性、說服性、提醒性較為突出。最後本研究根據研究結果提出具體管理意涵,和後續研究建議。
Social media has become an essential part of our lives, companies need to understand the characteristics of different social media platforms and user types in order to carry out social media marketing more effectively. One might help companies get better results if they make good use of social advertising to market, keep up with the trend of brand reputation immediately, understanding consumer needs and developing mobile advertising that is closer to consumers. This research mainly explores the style attributes and atmosphere of mobile advertising on different social media, through Advertising value (Information, Entertainment, Interference, Credibility), Advertising requests (Rational appeals, Emotional appeals), and Advertising types (Information Sex, Persuasiveness, Reminder, Comparison, and Enhancement), to analyze the differences in different styles of mobile advertising on Facebook and Instagram. First of all, based on the relevant literature, the establishment of analysis categories is discussed, the content analysis method is used to study the 200 advertisements sampled, and the independent sample t test is used for analysis. The results of the study reveal that the most significant differences in the overall advertising styles of Facebook and Instagram are Rationality, Sensitivity, and Enhancement. And Facebook prefers Information, Rationality, Informativeness, Comparison, and Enhancement, while Instagram is more prominent in Entertainment, Interference, Credibility, Sensitivity, Persuasion, and Reminder. Finally, this study proposes specific management implications based on the research results, and suggestions for follow-up research.
Other Identifiers: G060755043O
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