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Title: 探討問題導向教學在管理學院總整課程之影響效果
Exploring the Effects of Problem-Based Learning on Capstone Course in College of Management
Authors: 施人英
Shih, Jen-Ying
Li, Chang-Yuan
Keywords: 總整課程
Capstone course
Problem-based learning
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 鑑於總整課程推展在管理教育在商學院的的重要性,使用問題導向教學對於學生為主體中心的重要性與日俱增,相較於傳統教授上課傳道授業以教師為主體中心的教學,問題導向學習的案例設計以學生的生活經驗及已學的知識作為基礎,使他們能積極主動運用管理知識解決企業若在社會碰到的個案問題,藉此有助於職場能力的培養。 現在大專院校的企管教育還是以傳統授課為主,以教師授課、學生聽講的講授法學習居多,使得學生只知理論,進入社會難以解決實務問題。為讓學生有很大的學習啟發性,問題導向教學正是可以從問題的癥結點切入,藉由換位思考處理並面對現實社會的挑戰,管理教育者應該提倡以學生為主體的「體驗型啟發式教育」,此教育就是以學習者為中心的落實,重點在於「思考想傳遞給學生什麼,以及如何用最適當的方式去傳遞」。作為教師的價值於「以學習者為中心」的教學模式值得信任,在課程採取操作方式如個案研討、角色詮釋、情境模擬等引導學生,使學生從中有所體驗與思考,獲得的能力能終身受用,目前文獻研究還沒探索問題導向教學對於管理總整課程的影響,因此本研究透過訪談紀錄彙整觀察修課學生在總整課程PBL的經驗評估學習成果。 根據主要發現受訪者對於問題導向教學的方式有所反應,基本上持有正面積極的態度期望課程能多採取此方法引領學生思考解決問題,然後在總整課程能協助學生在專題討論有接觸企業講師的機會,並對未來職涯生活提供很好的經驗。
Given the importance of management education in the overall curriculum of business schools, the importance of using problem-based learning for student-centeredness is increasing. Compared with traditional learning and evangelism teaching, which is based on teacher-centered teaching, the case design of problem-oriented learning is based on the students’ life experience and the knowledge they have learned, so that they can actively use management knowledge to solve the problems encountered by enterprises in the society. Business case problem, which helps to reflect the development of competence in the workplace. At present, management education in colleges and universities still mostly learns from traditional lectures, making it difficult for students to only know the theory, and hard to solve practical problems after entering the society . In order to give students a great learning inspiration, problem-based learning can be the crux of the problem. To start, by setting up thinking and dealing with and facing the challenges of the real society, as a business management educator, we should advocate "experiential heuristic education" with students as the main body. This education is a learner-centric implementation, and the focus is on "thinking about what you want to pass on to students, and how to pass it in the most appropriate way." , believing that the value of being a teacher is "learner-centered" The teaching mode of the course guides students through practical methods such as case discussion, role-playing, and situation simulation in the classroom, so that students can realize and think from it, and gain the ability to use for life. At present, the literature research has not explored problem-based learning on capstone course in college of management. Therefore, this study uses interview records to analyze the students’ PBL experience in the capstone course. According to the main findings, the interviewees have responded to the problem-based learning method, and basically hold a positive attitude and hope that the lecturer can adopt this method to guide students to think and solve problems, and then the capstone course can help students have the opportunity to contact corporate lecturers in special discussions and provide good experience in future career development.
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