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Titel: 群募文本中對潛在支持者的「使命感」呼喚與支持意願的關係
A Study on the Relationship between a Call for Sense of Mission to Potential Backers in Crowdfunding Description Text and Backing Intention
Autoren: 沈永正
Shen, Yung-Cheng
Lo, Wai-Bun-Raymond
Stichwörter: 群眾募資
Sense of Mission
Backing Intention
Erscheinungsdatum: 2020
Zusammenfassung: 群眾募資(又稱眾籌)在近年興起,成為不少新創企業或團體開發新產品、建立新專案的資金來源,而影響支持群募意願的因素亦成為被廣泛討論的題目。各種因素對支持意願的相關性成為不少研究的題目,但研究關於消費者由閱聽人轉換至支持者的過程中所抱持的心態和心態的轉變的題材則相對較少。 本研究探討群眾募資的產品描述中之「使命感」呼喚與支持意願的關係。本研究嘗試測量閱聽人一系列非與產品屬性相關的好感度,並剖析這些好感度與支持意願的關係。樣本來源為來自於Amazon Mechanical Turk 網站聘請的工作者作答的問卷,發出了361份問卷,採計當中的93份,並使用SPSS 統計軟體分析結果,得出以下結論:閱聽人對群募項目能成事有正向感受,與該群募項目的支持意願呈正相關; 閱聽人對群募項目「富意義」「快將成事」有好感與支持意願亦呈正相關。數個好感度是「使命感」呼喚和支持意願之間的干擾變數。
In recent years, crowdfunding sprung up like mushrooms and has become a source of funding to develop new products or establish new projects for many new ventures or organizations. Factors affecting backing intention were analyzed and discussed widely. Research articles concerning the existence of correlations between various factors and backing intention bloomed. However, relatively few research topics about the consumers’ attitudes and changes in their attitudes while they were converted from crowdfunding site audiences to crowdfunding item backers were observed. This study explores the relationship between the existence of a "call for sense of mission" in crowdfunding item descriptions and backing intention of the audiences who had viewed the crowdfunding item. This study attempts to measure a series of favorability variables which are unrelated to product attributes, and analyzes the relationship between these favorability levels rated by the consumers and backing intentions of the consumers. The sample of this study consists of workers hired from the Amazon Mechanical Turk website. 361 questionnaires were distributed to them, and 93 of these answered questionnaires were identified as qualified and were used in data analysis. SPSS statistical software was leveraged in the data analysis process and the following conclusions were drawn: The favorability levels of audiences towards the fact that a crowdfunding item being able to reach its fund-raising target is positively correlated to the audiences’ backing intentions towards the item; The favorabilitylevels of audiences towards supporting a crowdfunding item as they considered the item as "meaningful" or "reaching its target real soon" is positively correlated to the audiences’ backing intentions; A number of favorability variables served as the moderators between the existence of a "call for sense of mission" in crowdfunding item descriptions and the backing intentions of the audiences of the item.
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