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Title: 網紅特質與文宣專業性對不同產品知識消費者購買意願的影響-以電競電腦為例
The Influence of Internet Celebrity Traits and Professional Flyers on Consumers’ Purchase Intention with Different Product Knowledge:Gaming Computer as an Example
Authors: 王仕茹
Lin, Bo-Han
Keywords: 代言人
Internet celebrity
product knowledge
product intention
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著網路科技的進步與普及,人們從傳統媒體平台轉移到社群影音媒體平台,因此許多造就出許多網紅,而企業正看準了這樣的趨勢,將傳統明星代言人慢慢轉換成網紅代言人,依靠他們粉絲流量,快速地散播訊息及廣告,過去的研究也指出,代言人可信度愈高對消費者的購買意願影響愈大,也指出產品知識對消費者的購買意願也有所影響,但較少研究探討代言人類型、文宣專業性與產品知識的交互作用以及如何影響消費者的購買意願。 本研究針對電競電腦產業,經過觀察後選擇兩種不同類型的代言人,分別是具有電競選手經驗的網紅以及3C開箱網紅,搭配不同專業程度的文宣,針 對不同產品知識的受測者進行發放問卷,總計回收240分有效問卷,研究結果顯示,針對高產品知識的消費者應該使用高專業性程度的文宣進行廣告傳達,而代言人類型對高產品知識者來說則無異,而針對低產品知識的消費者則應該使用一般性文宣搭配電競選手經驗的網紅作為代言人進行廣告傳達。
With the advancement and popularization of Internet technology, people have shifted from traditional media platforms to social media platforms, so many have created a lot of influencers, and companies are seeing this trend, slowly turning traditional star spokespersons into Internet celebrity spokespersons, withstand their fan traffic, quickly disseminate messages and advertisements. Past research also pointed out that the higher the credibility of the spokesperson, the greater the impact on consumer purchases, and also pointed out that product knowledge also has some impact on consumer purchase intentions. Improve the impact, but at least the research explores the type of spokesperson, the interaction between the professional propaganda and product knowledge, and how it affects consumers’ purchasing intentions. This research is aimed at the e-sports computer industry. After observation, two different types of spokespersons were selected. They are Internet celebrities with experience in E-sports player and 3C unboxing internet celebrities, with different professional degrees of publicity, and tested for different product knowledge. A sample survey was conducted, and a total of 240 valid questionnaires were recovered. The research results show that consumers with high product knowledge should use high-professional degree advertising to communicate, while the type of spokesperson is the same for those with high product knowledge. Consumers with low product knowledge should use the general publicity and Internet celebrity with the experience of E-sports player as the spokesperson for advertising.
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