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Title: 道路及橋梁三維模型建置與GIS整合應用
Road and Bridge 3D Model Reconstruction and GIS application
Authors: 王聖鐸
Chou, Hung-Fu
Keywords: 道路
Embankment Bridge
3D Model building
GIS application
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 三維城市資訊系統,也稱仿真數碼城市,含有豐富的空間資訊,能描述或展示城市立體的面貌,透過空間資訊來進行全視野的規劃、查詢、決策。然目前三維結構物重於建築物及地下管線之3D模型,路工橋梁部分則大多無立體化,主要是建築物組合形式較為單純,而橋梁則多由非矩形構成且坐標須依線形、縱坡及超高等設置。本文系研究道路、橋梁三維模型於AutoCAD下系統化快速建模方法。再利用3D道路、橋梁三維如何轉置於GIS系統及探討3D模型後續於GIS系統內之應用。以Excel為相關設計資料建立平台以既有圖資計算道路及橋梁各部分外部結構尺寸,坐標高程,並利用二次開發軟體AutoCAD VBA為開發介面,撰寫程式將Excel計算完成之結構各部位之點位資料轉成面展繪成3D模型,節省反覆操作時間並介紹各結構的畫法,並將產出之3D模型,進一步地應用於地理資訊平台。以計算設計的道路及橋梁各部位構件之三維頂點坐標、高程,利用程式將道路及橋梁各部位之構件,組成具有大地坐標、洩水坡度之橋梁三維模型後,可透過模型做為施工放樣前坐標、高程之檢核,並配合圖台地景以判斷位置之合理性,檢視各結構物間是否有衝突,並可結合工程各施工階段時程資訊,進行資訊整合與分析,以進行實際與規劃執行落差之比對,以驗證路工3D模型導入4D施工模擬之可行性及實際效益。
The three-dimensional urban spatial information system, or the simulated digital city based on the Internet three-dimensional geographic information system, contains rich spatial information, which can fully describe or display the appearance of the urban three-dimensional construction. Through spatial information to carry out full-view planning, Query and decision. However, the current three-dimensional structure is more important than the 3D models of buildings and underground pipelines. The road construction bridges are mostly not three-dimensional, mainly because the combination of buildings is relatively simple, and the bridges are mostly non-rectangular and the coordinates must be linear and vertical. Slope and super high settings. This article is to study the systematic and rapid modeling method of three-dimensional model of road and bridge in AutoCAD. Then use 3D roads and bridges to transfer 3D to GIS system and discuss the application of 3D model in GIS system. Use EXCEL as the relevant design data to build a platform to calculate the external structure dimensions and coordinate elevation of each part of the bridge, and use the secondary development software AutoCAD VBA as the development interface, write a program to convert the point data of each part of the structure calculated by Excel into an exhibition Painted as a 3D model, saving repeated operation time. Introduction and drawing of each structure, and the resulting 3D model is further applied to the geographic information platform. By calculating the three-dimensional vertex coordinates and elevations of components of roads and bridges designed by design, the components of roads and bridges are combined into a three-dimensional model of bridges with geodetic coordinates and drainage slopes using a program, which can be used as a pre-construction loft Check the coordinates and elevation, and cooperate with the landscape of the platform to judge the rationality of the location, check whether there is conflict between the various structures, and integrate the time information of the construction phases of the project to carry out information integration and analysis for actual and planning Perform the comparison of the drop to verify the feasibility and practical benefits of the roadwork 3D model imported into 4D construction simulation.
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