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Title: 化回憶為永恆-村史文獻之徵集、編纂與運用之探究
Recalling forever-the research on the local history's literature of collection, compilation and application
Authors: 陳仲彥
Chen, Zhon-Gyan
Chen, Yu-Hsueh
Keywords: 村史
Local history
Social Change
Collective memory
Collection of literature
Compilation of literature
Application of literature
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究重點為村史文獻之徵集、編纂與運用之探究,村史乃為保存社區居民的集體記憶與社會變遷概況。此外,村史除紀錄在地經歷事蹟外,也可為發展未來之立基。也就是說,期待從以往歷史,探究未來發展可能性。 本研究之研究方法為文本分析法,並以1999年迄2019年約20間出版之102本村史文本資料為主要研究對象。研究架構為蒐集歷年村史成果,探詢文史徵集資料內容,探討村史編輯內涵,將文本分析的結果整理及分析,探究村史文獻徵集、編纂之方法,並說明村史之運用及貢獻方向,未來可運用於「地方文物館」、「鄉土教學」及「地方創生」等方面之貢獻及成效。 研究結論五點如下: 一、村史文獻徵集類別多元。 二、地區特性攸關村史編纂章節與內涵。 三、村史之運用及貢獻廣大深遠。 四、村史傳承地方文化。 五、村史攸關地方發展契機。 最後,並對主政文化之政府機關、社區發展協會及關心文史之民眾提出建議。
This research focuses on the collection, compilation, and application of local history's literature. The history of the village is to preserve the collective memory and social changes of the community residents. In addition, local history can also be the foundation for the development of the future. In other words, look forward to the possibility of future development from past history The research method of the study is based on textual analysis, and main texts of 102 local histories published between 1999 and 2019. The research framework is to collect the result of local history’s documents, and then organize and analyze results of textual analysis, explore methods of collecting and compiling local history documents, and explain application and contribution of local history to the contributions of 「Local cultural museum」、「Hometown teaching」 and 「Regional revitalization」. There are five points of the research conclusion of this case are as follows: I.Diversified categories of local history literature collection. II.Chapters and connotations of local history compilation related to regional characteristics. III.The application and contribution of local history is vast and far-reaching. IV.Local history inherits local culture. V.Local history is an opportunity for local development. Finally, suggestions are made to government agencies in charge of culture, community development associations, and people who are concerned about history and culture.
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