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Title: 組織氣氛對國小教師學校依附與幸福感之研究
A Study on the Relations among Organizational Climate, School Attachment and Well-being for Elementary School Teachers
Authors: 林鴻洲
Lin. Hung-Chou
Chan, Ching-Wen
Keywords: 組織氣氛
organizational climate
national elementary school teachers
school attachment
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 學校對教師而言是具有意義及價值的環境,學校的組織氣氛,會影響教師對這環境的情感依附及幸福感。過去的研究主要是探討教師知覺學校組織氣氛與幸福感之關係,缺乏學校依附與幸福感之關係,以及學校依附對組織氣氛與教師幸福感之中介效果的研究。以依附為議題的研究,大多是的地方依附,尚無國小教師學校依附的探討,因此本研究將探討教師面對不同組織氣氛、學校依附、幸福感等三個構面之間的關聯性。   本研究採用問卷調查法,針對新北市公立國小之教師為施測對象,資料分析採用描述性統計分析、獨立樣本 t 檢定、單因子變異數分析、迴歸分析及拔靴法等統計方法,研究結果發現: 一、組織氣氛會影響學校依附;二、學校依附會影響教師幸福感;三、組織氣氛會影響幸福感;四、學校依附對組織氣氛與幸福感,產生部分中介效果。 最後,根據研究結果,供教育行政機關、學校教育人員與後續相關研究者參考。
Schools are a meaningful and valuable environment for teachers. School organizational climate can affect teachers' emotional attachment and well-being. Past research mainly explored the relationship between teachers' perception of school organizational climate and well-being. However few studies explored the relationship between school attachment, well-being, and the intermediary effect of school attachment on organizational climate and teachers’ well-being. Most of the researches on attachment were place attachment, but there were no discussions about the school attachment for teachers of elementary school. Therefore this study explored the relationship between teachers’ three facets of different organizational climate, school attachment, and well-being. This research used a questionnaire survey method, and the participants were the teachers of the public elementary school in New Taipei City. The survey data was analyzed by descriptive statistics, independent sample t-test, one way ANOVA, simple regression analysis and bootstrap. The research results were: 1. Organizational climate affects school attachment; 2. School attachment affects teacher’s well-being; 3. Organizational climate affects well-being; 4. School attachment has an intermediary relationship between organizational climate and well-being. Finally, the suggestions were made based on the research results for reference by the education administration, school educators and future related research.
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