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Title: 大學教師障礙平權意識之研究
A Study of Disability Right Awareness of University Teachers
Authors: 許添明
Sheu, Tian-Ming
Chu, Yin-An
Keywords: 障礙平權意識
disability right awareness
policy cognition
reasonable accommodation
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過障礙知能、身心障礙學生升學政策認知與社會心理學等層面,探討大學教師障礙平權意識之內涵,及了解教師所執行的合理調整方案。本研究採質性研究法,邀請18名來自國內不同區域與學科領域的大學教師參與訪談。 在障礙知能方面的研究結果發現:(1)大學教師對於「障礙」的認定為有在學習上有特殊需求的學生;(2)部分教師會以身障和心障進行分類,且對於近年才出現的障別名稱較不熟悉,如亞斯伯格症、學習障礙等。在政策認知方面發現:教師認同以增額錄取的入學方式落實積極性平權措施,但同時也會擔心學業能力會無法跟上同儕,認為在入學前與入學後所採的平等原則應有所不同。社會心理學層面結果發現:(1)部分教師表現出正向的接納態度,部分教師則會因為健全主義與社會分類等因素產生刻板印象;(2)教師觀察到在校園中的物理環境與心理環境中確實有歧視存在。有關大學教師所進行的合理調整,教學方面根據研究結果發現部分學校有建立相關制度協助,部分學校則是依據教師個人的專業與經驗進行。評量部分的合理調整結果發現在形式調整部分,會根據大專資源教室規劃、教師專業領域判斷、團體作業的調整來進行;內容調整部分教師會根據專業領域設計替代評量、強調學習歷程、降低標準等;部分教師認為,學校應訂定出相關規定,並非由教師自行判斷調整原則。 研究結論可知大學教師面對障礙學生的原則多為機會平等理念,並以社會互動模式取代障礙分類來面對學生的特殊需求,且在具支持與資源充足的高等教育環境下,能夠表現出正向接納的態度。身心障礙學生在大學教師強調機會平等的障礙平權意識下,應盡力發揮自己的能力,以達到高等教育階段最佳的學習效益。研究最後根據研究結果,分別對中央主管機關、高等教育機構、教師、身心障礙學生以及未來研究進行建議。
The study aims to probe the connotation of the disability right awareness of university teachers via disable perception, policy cognition of the college entrance of disability students, and social psychology three aspects. Furthermore, the other study purpose is to know the programs of reasonable accommodation executed by university teachers. This study is a qualitative research, and the researcher invited 18 university teachers from different disciplines and regions in Taiwan to participate the interview. The research results of disable perception aspect are as follows: (a)Teachers consider students having “special needs” are defined “disabled students”, if they don't behave their difficulty on academic, they aren’t ineligible for disabled students. (b)Some teachers are used to separating disabled students into physiological disorders and psychological disorders, and some teachers misunderstand and are unfamiliar with disability categories developed in recent years. For example: Asperger syndrome, Learning disability, etc.. The research results of policy cognition aspect are that teachers agree to implement affirmative action by allowing disabled students incremental admission to university. However, they are simultaneously worried about those students’ academic abilities are not as proficient as other students. They consider the view of equality should be different between students before and after enrolling in the school. The research results of social psychology aspects are as follows: (a)Some teachers express their positive attitude of acceptance, and some of them stereotype disabled students because of ableism and social categorization. (2)teachers observe there are some discrimination existing in physical and mental environments. As mentioned to reasonable accommodations executed by university teachers, the research results of teaching aspect are some schools set systems to assist teacher, some schools conduct according to the teachers' professional and experience. The research results of assessment aspect are that accommodations are implemented by the planning of resource room, the judgement of teacher’s professional disciplines, and the adjustment of group assignments, as to modifications, teachers design alternative assessment by their professional disciplines, emphasize the learning process instead of result, and lower standard. Some teachers deem schools should make rules about how to accommodate, not just determined by teachers. From the conclusions of this study, we can find the principle of university teachers facing students with disability is mostly the concept of equal opportunity, and replacing disabled classification with social interaction mode. Besides, teachers would show their high positive acceptance in higher education institutions with support and sufficient resources. Disabled students in the disability right awareness of equal opportunity emphasized by universal teachers should strive as much as possible to reach the best learning benefit in higher education. Concrete suggestions are proposed for the Ministry of Education, universities, disabled students and future researchers.
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