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Title: 一所學校的課程計畫書轉譯歷程研究:行動者網絡理論取徑
Explore the translation process of curriculum plan in a senior high school through the perspective of Actor-Network Theory
Authors: 陳佩英
Chen, Peiying
Tseng, Yi-Hui
Keywords: 十二年國民基本教育課程綱要
12-Year Basic Education
School-based curriculum
Curriculum Plan
Actor-Network Theory
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 我國於2014年公布十二年國民基本教育課程綱要總綱,並陸續完成各領域課綱。新課綱重新界定基本教育的範疇,拓展由國民小學、國民中學組成之九年義務教育,連結後期中等教育階段。透過各面向的政策修辭整併各學習階段與不同學校類型(普通型、技術型、綜合型、單科型高級中等學校),重塑連結不同學習場域之間的關係與認同而呈現國家人才培育的實作。 本研究將以一所普通型高級中等學校之課程計畫書形成歷程作為研究焦點,以行動者網絡理論為觀點,描繪該所個案學校在形成課程計畫書的過程中,所捲納的各方行動者,以及所觸發的組織性與課程性的網絡聚組,呈現出個案學校在準備新課綱的過程中所展現的個體與集體能動性,重塑學校實踐的樣貌。本研究透過文件分析搭配半結構式訪談,藉以描繪以學校為單位的課綱推動歷程與實作,提供大眾理解學校內部的運作邏輯,以及提供政策規劃者做為後續課綱推動工作之參考。
In 2014, Ministry of Education published the 12-Year Basic Education Curricula. The curricula guideline redefines the boundary of basic education, it integrates the 9-year compulsory education and post-secondary education with multiple policy rhetoric and instruments. Moreover, the upcoming curricula guideline tries to bridge the connection within educational stage, and also establishes shared fundamental curricula among the diverse types of schools of post-secondary in Taiwan. Meanwhile, it may reshape the relationship between the different learning fields, and perform another image of practice of national scale cultivation. Among the rhetoric, the ‘school-based curriculum’ keeps playing a key role from the last curriculum reform, the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines, till 12-Year Basic Education. This research addresses the process of translation 12-Year Basic Education Curricula in a senior high school. It aims to map out the process and the deployment with Actor-Network Theory perspective. With document and semi structured interview, the case school performs institutional and curriculum assemblage by amount of heterogeneity of actants. Through the process of translation, the case school performs itself agency and forms its school-based discourse and educational practice.
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