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Title: 初任教師運用有效教學策略進行七年級公民教學之行動研究
An Action Research on the Seventh-Grade Civil Education Curriculum of a Beginning Teacher Using Effective Teaching Methods
Authors: 劉美慧
Liu, Mei-Hui
Huang, Wun-Syuan
Keywords: 有效教學策略
effective teaching methods
students' learning outcomes
collaborative lesson preparation
beginning teacher
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究以行動研究為取徑,旨在探討初任教師運用有效教學之策略於國中七年級公民課程中,以提升學生學習成效。以各種的有效教學策略,透過共同備課的運作與觀察,一方面瞭解教師的有效教學策略,並同時觀察學生的學習狀況。 學生的學習成效可從各層面而論,依照多元評量的方式,可從學生的課堂表現、學習回饋單做評量。可發現實施有效教學的行為確實能夠提升學生的學習成效。在教師方面,可以透過共同備課,不斷的改進自己的教學策略和方法,達到良好的教學效果。 本研究的發現如下: 一、有效教學策略能提升初任教師的教學專業成長。 二、有效教學策略可與共同備課運作模式相結合。 三、有效教學策略能提升學生的學習成效。 四、教學應具體化、以遊戲做為評量的方式一。 根據上述研究發現,提出下列研究建議: 一、對於教師的建議:作為初任教師應嘗試多種教學法的運用。 二、對於共同備課的建議:要確實落實共同備課,引入素養導向的教學。 三、對於未來教學研究者的建議:建構屬於自己有效的有效教學模式。
This research aims beginning teacher to use effective teaching methods in junior high school seventh-grade Civil Education curriculum so as to enhance students’ learning outcome. Through various effective teaching behavior and observing collaborative lesson preparation, I get to find out teachers’ effective teaching behavior and observe students’ learning condition simultaneously. Students’ learning outcome can be analyzed from various aspects— based on multiple assessment, teachers are enabled to assess students from students’ performance in class and their learning feedback sheets. I found conducting effective teaching behavior can indeed enhance students’ learning outcome. For teachers, they can improve their teaching strategies and methods through collaborative lesson preparation to achieve an effective teaching outcome continually. The conclusions of this study are as following: A. The effective teaching can enhance the beginning teachers’ professional development. B. The combination of effective teaching and the operation mode of collaborative lesson preparation. C. The effective teaching can improve students' learning outcomes. D.specification of teaching and games can be as evaluation. As discussed above, there are some suggestions for relative researches: A. For teachers: A beginning teacher should try to use multiple teaching methods. B. For collaborative lesson preparation: It’s important to introduce the competency-oriented instruction to make sure the implementation of collaborative lesson preparation. C. For the researchers: It’s important to construct an effective teaching mode of your own.
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