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Title: 一個數學教師跨校專業學習社群發展之研究
A Study on The Development of A Cross-school Professional Learning Community for Mathematics Teachers
Authors: 陳佩英
Chen, Pei-Ying
Chen, Chun-Cheng
Keywords: 教師專業學習社群
Professional Learning Community for Teachers
Teacher’s Professional Development
Math café
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究以數學咖啡館教師跨校專業學習社群為個案,探討數學教師跨校專業學習社群的發展軌跡、對數學教師專業發展的助益,以及社群發展所面臨的困境及其因應策略。本研究採質性研究法,透過觀察、文件分析以及對七位數學咖啡館核心小組的成員進行訪談等方式來蒐集資料,並進一步分析資料以形成研究的發現與結果。 依據研究目的與問題獲致研究之結論如下: 一、數學咖啡館教師跨校專業學習社群的發展軌跡可分為「社群發展的緣 起與理念」及「社群的重點活動與運作」兩項重點,其中社群的重點活動與運作主要分成共同備課、辦理教師研習以及線上資源分享與交流三部分。 二、數學咖啡館教師跨校專業學習社群對數學教師專業發展的助益可分為 「教學」、「班級經營」、「教師內在成長需求」三個部分。 三、數學咖啡館教師跨校專業學習社群發展所面臨的困境共有七項,分別 為: (一)不易獲得校內同仁們的支持;(二)社群內部缺乏專業管理團隊;(三)經費及資源的短缺;(四)社群事務壓縮休息時間;(五)礙於現行評量方式的規準,教學策略之成效易遭質疑;(六)組織尚未成形,制度不夠健全;(七)缺乏人才培訓,擔心後繼無人。 四、數學咖啡館教師跨校專業學習社群對於發展困境的因應之道為採取知 難而進的積極性面對,先召開共識營列出社群發展困境並研擬因應策略,之後成立數咖十二人核心小組,對外尋求專業團隊的協助以進行增能訓練,最後順利突破困境並完成轉型為數咖2.0的目標。 根據上述的研究結論,進一步提出相關建議,以供教育行政機關、個 案社群以及未來研究之參考。
This study is a case study on the cross-school professional learning community of Math café teachers,aiming to explore the development of the cross-school professional learning community of math teachers, the benefits to the professional development of math teachers, and the difficulties faced by the community development and its corresponding strategies. As a qualitative research, this study collected data through observation, document analysis and interviews with seven members of the core group in the Math café. After the data collection, further analysis was conducted to form the results and conclusions of the study. According to the research objectives and questions, the conclusions of the research are as follows: 1. The development of Math café teachers’ cross-school professional learning community can be divided into "the background and philosophy of the community” and "community’s key activities and operations”, in which the latter may be separated into three parts, including common lessons, teachers study, as well as online resources sharing and communication. 2. The benefits of Math café teacher’s cross-school professional learning community to the professional development of mathematics teachers can be divided into three parts including "teaching", "classroom management" and "the need of teachers' inner growth". 3. There are seven difficulties in the development of cross-school professional learning community for Math café teachers, which are as follows: (1) Lack of supports from the school colleagues; (2) Lack of professional management team within the community; (3) Shortage of funds and resources; (4) Shorter rest time for teachers due to the community affairs; (5) The effectiveness of teaching strategies is easily questioned due to the standard of evaluation methods; (6) The organization is not yet formed and the system is not solid enough; (7) Lack of personnel training and the fear of lack of successors. 4. For the solutions to the development dilemmas, the Math café teacher’s cross-school professional learning community should stay positive in the face of challenge. First, they should hold a consensus meeting to identify the community development difficulties and develop coping strategies, and then establish a core group of 12 members in the math café to seek external assistance from professional teams for energy-enhancing training. After breaking through the dilemmas, the transformation of Math café 2.0 can be smoothly completed. Based on the above findings, further suggestions are proposed for reference to related educational authorities, case communities and future researches.
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