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Title: 後天視障者於不同年齡階段之就業歷程的探究
A Study of the Employment Experiences of People with Adventitious Blindness
Authors: 張千惠
Chen, Shih-Tsung
Keywords: 中途視障者
adventitious blindness
employment experiences
employment challenge
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討後天視障者於不同年齡階段之就業歷程。本研究參與者包含五位大專畢業的後天視障者。五位研究參與者含三位男性、兩位女性,平均年齡39歲。此研究採質性研究的方式進行深入訪談,邀請研究參與者述說其後天視障所遭遇挑戰與其解決方式。 本研究結果發現:後天視障者於不同年齡階段中,經歷青年期就業的角色發展、成年期就業目標調整、中年與老年時期就業目標再次調整。可以綜合出就業歷程所面臨的挑戰為:學習因應視覺退化的生涯、需不斷學習新的電腦技能、家人對於障礙不瞭解、維持職位不易。同時,本研究發現,研究參與者用來克服上述挑戰之策略包含:運用職務再設計服務、善用就業服務、突破視覺障礙限制、抱持積極樂觀態度、家人支持度、持續學習新技能、培養多樣職業能力及設立目標獲得工作成就感。 根據研究結果,本研究者提出建議:建立視障者重建服務中心、與企業合作以進行職務再設計、可探究單一職種、長期性深入的研究、適時邀請資深同儕協助心理重建過程、鼓勵視障者發揮專才幫助更多人。最後在文末針對未來研究提出建議並說明本研究的限制。
The purpose of this study was to explore the employment experiences of visually impaired people at different ages. Participants in this study included five visually impaired persons who graduated from college. Five participants were three males and two females with an average age of 39 years. This study conducted semi-structured in-depth interviews to collect data. Qualitative data analysis methods were used. The participants were invited to share the challenges and their coping strategies when adventitious blindness happened. The results of this study found that the participants experienced the several stages as indicated in Donald Super’s theory of Life-Career Rainbow: roles in youth employment, the adjustment of employment goals, and the adjustment of employment goals in middle and old-aged life. The challenges involved with the adjustment process of re-employment were: Holding a career or job that accommodated to visual degeneration, learning new computer skills, and family members not understanding the obstacles. At the same time, the results of this study found that the coping strategies used by the participants to overcome the above challenges included: Using job accommodation services, making good use of employment services, breaking through visual barriers, maintaining positive optimism, getting family support, continuous learning/mastering professional skills, and setting goals to gain a sense of job satisfaction. According to the results, the researcher proposed the following suggestions. The local governments need to establish rehabilitation service centers for people with visual impairments, and to cooperate with enterprises for implementing job accommodation. Also, the local governments need to conduct long-term and in-depth studies on the same type of jobs to analyze how people with visual impairments maintained their jobs after visual. degeneration. For rehabilitation counselors, they can invite successful people with visual impairments to help with the psychological rehabilitation of people who were newly-blind, and empower them to help others who were in need. Finally, suggestions for future research were presented and the limitations of this study were explained.
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