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Title: 獨立書店閱讀服務模式分析
Analyse of the Reading Service Model of the Independent Bookstores in Taiwan
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chen, Chao-Chen
Liu, Wei-Qian
Keywords: 獨立書店
Independent bookstore
Reading service
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著科技發展,台灣各大網路書店的價格衝擊、電子出版行業大肆橫行、讀者閱讀模式由深轉淺的社會背景之下,使得台灣出版業和書店業的環境都產生劇烈的變化,而台灣各獨立書店適時轉型,將經營模式由「以書為本」轉變為「複合式經營」, 從單一的圖書銷售轉變為重視讀者閱讀服務、提供極具文化深度的精神交流場所,台灣的獨立書店是為台灣獨特文化標竿,也用書店自己獨特的方式記載了歷史的進程,以讀者為中心打造書店的閱讀環境和氛圍,在圖書市場競爭中吸引了大量忠實的讀者群, 發展成為閱讀和思想交流的聚集地,成為城市的文化地標。而最近五年來,眾多獨立書店的舉步維艱甚至關門歇業,獨立書店經營方式的轉變成為了業界討論的話題。 本研究從台灣書店發展歷史出發,以臺北地區、新北地區、桃園地區、彰化地區和花蓮地區的九間獨立書店作為研究對象,通過與獨立書店從業者進行深入訪談,檢視台灣獨立書店為永續經營所做的努力,包括台灣獨立書店發展現況;獨立書店的意義;閱讀活動之樣貌與特色;探討獨立書店內閱讀活動與出版社、圖書館其它機構之區別;探討獨立書店經營者之經營理念、經營所遇到之問題與困境。最後,本研究總結獨立書店對圖書館閱讀服務創新的重要啟示,除瞭解台灣獨立書店之發展現況之外,並為台灣的獨立書店發展與推進提出未來的建議。
With rapid advances in technology,many changes have been made to publishing industry and bookstores because of the price-dampening impact of web bookstores,the popularizing of E-publishing,reading mode of readers changes from deep to light in Taiwan. Therefore, each bookstore has been timely transformed the business model from ”book-based” to “composite operation”, from a unit of book seller to a reader-oriented reading service and it has made bookstores become a spiritual exchange place with great cultural depth. It’s also the way of recording the history. In the past 5 years, many independent bookstores have struggled and even close out in Taiwan. The transformation of indie bookstore has become a topic of discussion in the industry. Based on the development history of bookstores in Taiwan, this study takes nine representational independent bookstores in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Changhua County and Hualien as research objects, and conducts in-depth interviews with the operators, who play a key role in independent bookstores to examine the effort of independent bookstores in Taiwan for keeping operating. The purpose of the present study, therefore, is to explore the development of independent bookstores in Taiwan; the significance of independent bookstores; the appearance and characteristics of reading activities;the differences of reading activities between independent bookstores, publishing and libraries, and discussing the business strategies, problems and difficulties of independent bookstore. Finally, this study summarizes the important inspirations of independent bookstores for the innovation of library reading services. This research presents the status report and future recommendations for the development and advancement of independent bookstores in Taiwan.
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