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Title: 直播拍賣支援顧客體驗之關鍵因素
Analyzing Key Factors for Adopting Live-Streaming Auctions to Support Customers’ Shopping Experiences
Authors: 吳怡瑾
Wu, I-Chin
Chang, Jung-Kai
Keywords: 顧客體驗
娛樂性與社 會臨場感
Customer experience
Live-streaming auctions
Entertainment and social presence
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 網路直播的興起給予電子商務全新的思維,賦予顧客不同面貌的體驗,直播支援顧客體驗,預期提升購物轉換率。然而,熱愛使用直播拍賣之顧客卻在購物決策上有不同行為,故其觀點是否存在著異同,為本研究分析之重要議題。本研究旨在分析顧客採用直播拍賣之關鍵因素及其對顧客體驗之影響,將採用直播拍賣平臺後,會購買與未購買之兩群組顧客作為研究對象。研究經由文獻探討綜述整理直播拍賣支援顧客體驗的各項層面,搭配修正式德菲法確立「操作介面」、「娛樂性與社會臨場感」與「系統與服務品質」衡量架構之構面與十項準則。以Yahoo奇摩拍賣、蝦皮購物、Facebook與Instagram作為研究個案,採用決策實驗室為基礎之網路層級分析法(DANP)評估各項準則間之權重及其因果關係,再以逼近理想解排序法(TOPSIS)評估個案之績效表現,針對觀看直播拍賣後會購買與未購買二組別進行評估。 研究結果顯示,二組別存在著同中有異的關鍵因素,兩組皆認為「操作介面」構面下之「個人化」與「易用/可用性」準則重要性高,且容易影響其他準則的表現,在管理意涵上為優化之首選;此外,針對現存消費者,可額外重視「系統與服務品質」構面下之「回應性」與「可靠/履行性」準則;若要開發新客戶,可額外重視「娛樂性與社會臨場感」構面下之「感官吸引力」準則。而直播社群拍賣類型平臺,如Facebook與Instagram,若欲使潛在消費者破除交易之疑慮,建議改善「系統與服務品質」構面下之「隱私/安全性」準則,該族群是否會由感官、享樂跨入購買行為值得關注。最後,兩組顧客一致認為蝦皮購物為目前最佳的個案並在關鍵因素有較佳的表現。本研究藉由多準則決策法提供直播拍賣平臺值得重視關鍵因素之建議,並提供不同個案之量化結果與質性探討作為直播者與直播平臺之參考依據。
The rise of live-streaming auctions has given e-commerce a new mindset, giving customers different experiences. Live-streaming auctions supports the customer experience and is expected to increase shopping conversion rate. However, customers who love to use live-streaming auctions have different behaviors in shopping decisions, so whether there are similarities or differences in their views is an important issue for this study. This study aims to analyze the key factors of customer adoption of live-streaming auctions and the impacts these have on customer experience. The research object is based on the customers who purchase and would not purchase after using the live-streaming auctions. This study summarizes the various aspects of the live-streaming auction to support the customer experience, and uses the modified Delphi method to establish the measurement framework of operation interface , entertainment and social presence and system and service quality. The research uses Yahoo auctions, Shopee, Facebook and Instagram as research cases, and uses the DEMATEL-based ANP (DANP) to evaluate the weights and causality between the various criteria. Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to an Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) evaluates the performance of the case, and evaluates the two groups of purchased and would not purchased after using the live-streaming auction. The results show that there are key factors with similarities and differences between the two groups. Both believe that the personalization and the ease of use/usability of the operation interface facet are of high importance and easily affect the performance of other criteria. It is the first choice for optimization in terms of management meaning; in addition, for existing consumers, additional emphasis can be placed on the responsiveness and the reliability/performance of the system and service quality facet. If new customers are to be developed, additional attention can be paid to the sensory attractiveness of the entertainment and social presence facet. Community-oriented live-streaming auctions, such as Facebook and Instagram, in order to get rid of transaction doubts for potential consumers, it is recommended to improve the privacy/security of the system and service quality facet. Whether this group of people will change from sensory and hedonic to a group with purchasing behavior is worthy of attention. Finally, the two groups of customers agreed that Shopee is the best case at present and has better performance in key factors. Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making to provide recommendations for live-streaming auctions vendors worthy of attention to key factors, and to provide quantitative results and qualitative discussions of different cases as a reference for live streamers and live-streaming auctions platforms.
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