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Title: 改變國小學生借閱成長因素探討
Reading Bebavior Changing Factors in the Elementary School
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chen, Chao-Chen
Kuan, Nien-Hsien
Keywords: 學校圖書館
School Library
Reading Promotion Activities
Reading Behavior Changing Factors
Borrowing growth
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究以新北市某國民小學閱讀推廣為個案,探討改變學生借閱成長的關鍵影響要素。首先分析本個案學校圖書館「未借閱讀者」產生主因;其次探討「未借閱讀者」開始借閱之驅動要素;最後綜合歸納「未借閱讀者」借閱成長與閱讀推廣的關聯。 本研究採用蒐集與分析本個案閱讀活動調查問卷及抽樣訪談報告,透過質性研究分析法進行探討。研究母體73人,為民國107學年度「閱讀進步獎」獲獎者,佔「未借閱讀者」40%。訪談對象32位,自研究母體立意抽樣受訪者,佔研究母體43.84%,為本個案二年級至六年級學生。 本研究主要發現如下: 一、本個案「未借閱讀者」不借閱的四項主因是(1)沒時間、(2)沒借閱證、(3)沒習慣、(4)沒喜歡的書。 二、本個案「未借閱讀者」開始借閱的四項關鍵要素為(1)讀本內容、(2)閱讀時間、(3)師長鼓勵、(4)持有借閱證。 三、本個案「未借閱讀者」最喜愛的活動類型為(1)自由閱讀、(2)結伴閱讀。 綜合歸納有效推動借閱成長之建議原則如下: (一)滿足學童閱讀時間、自選讀本及閱讀同伴三要素。 (二)引發學童翻開讀本開始閱讀。 (三)規劃單純閱讀活動(無須書寫心得)與同儕結伴選讀活動。 本研究結論為,學童開始閱讀最需要的是時間與書中內容。因此學校致力閱讀習慣養成至為關鍵,而排入每周課表的閱讀課正是改變「未借閱讀者」產生閱讀行為與養成閱讀習慣最有效的閱讀推廣方案。
This study takes the reading promotion of a national primary school in New Taipei City as a case to explore the key influencing factors that change the growth of student borrowing. First analyze the main causes of the "unborrowed readers" in the school library in this case; secondly, explore the driving factors of "unborrowed readers" to start borrowing; finally, summarize the relationship between "unborrowed readers" borrowing growth and reading promotion. In this study, we collected and analyzed the questionnaires and sample interview reports of reading activities of this case, and conducted a qualitative research and analysis. There were 73 research mothers, who were the winners of the "Reading Progress Award" for the 107 academic year, accounting for 40% of "unborrowed readers". 32 interviewees were sampled from the study mothers, accounting for 43.84% of the study mothers. They are students in the second to sixth grades of this case. The main findings of this study are as follows: 1. The four main reasons for "unborrowed readers" not to borrow in this case are(1)no time,(2)no library cards,(3)no habit and(4)no favorite books. 2. In this case, the four key elements for the "unborrowed reader" to begin borrowing are(1)content,(2)time,(3)teacher encouragement, and(4)with a library card. 3. For the "unborrowed readers" in this case, the promotion activities of optional reading are most popular. The general principles for effectively promoting the growth of borrowing are as follows: (1) Satisfying the three elements of reading time, optional reading book and reading companion for students. (2) Trigger the children to open the book and start reading. (3) Plan reading only (without written reports) and reading with peers activities. This study concludes that what students need most to start reading is time and content in the book. Therefore, it is crucial for schools to devote themselves to the development of reading habits. The reading lessons included in the weekly schedule is the most effective reading promotion plan to change the “unborrowed readers” to produce reading behaviors and develop reading habits.
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