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Title: 國小學童使用學校圖書館延伸之閱讀角的研究─以新北市一所國小為例
A Study on the Use of Reading Corners among Elementary School Students
Authors: 柯皓仁
Ke, Hao-Ren
Wang, Szu-Wen
Keywords: 閱讀角
reading corners
frequency of use
usage requirements
usage satisfaction
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究國小學童使用學校圖書館延伸之閱讀角的現況、需求以及滿意度。研究中以新北市一所國小三至六年級曾使用過學校閱讀角之學童為研究對象,採用問卷調查法進行研究,有效問卷500份,回收後的資料經敘述性統計、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數分析、成對樣本t檢定、卡方檢定、Pearson相關分析,主要發現如下: 一、在國小學童使用學校閱讀角的頻率與現況方面,學童對「空間資源」、「館藏資源」、「主題活動」的使用情形皆介於「普通」至「符合」之間。 二、學童持續使用學校閱讀角的意願不低,較偏向利用閱讀角空間及座位進行書籍閱讀或聊天談心,或者藉由閱讀角之書籍資源尋找個人有興趣的書籍。 三、在國小學童使用學校閱讀角資源的需求與感受情形方面,學童對學校閱讀角資源有中度偏高的使用需求以及滿意度;而空間舒適放鬆、設計美觀、可談心聊天,所在位置方便,以及尋找個人感興趣書籍等,使用上更是傾向於感到需求與感到滿意。 四、由t檢定和單因子變異數分析發現,學童在不同年級對學校閱讀角資源使用需求及滿意度上皆存在著顯著差異;學童對學校閱讀角資源使用需求與滿意度上亦有顯著差異。但學童在不同性別對學校閱讀角資源使用需求及滿意度上並無顯著差異。 五、由卡方檢定、Pearson相關分析發現,學童之年級分別與最常使用的學校閱讀角、學校閱讀角使用頻率、使用需求、使用滿意度呈現顯著正相關;學校閱讀角使用頻率、使用需求、使用滿意度,彼此之間亦呈現顯著正相關。 本研究之研究結果,提供教育工作者及未來研究參考。
The focus of this study was to investigate the use of reading corners of elementary school students in New Taipei City, including the current state of use, usage requirements, and usage satisfaction. The participants of this study were students who had used the reading corners of the school among the third to sixth grades of an elementary school in New Taipei City. The questionnaire survey method was used to conduct research, and 500 valid questionnaires were collected. The data collected were analyzed by independent samples t-test, one way ANOVA, paired sample t-test, chi-square test, and Pearson correlation analysis. The results were as follows: 1. With regard to the the frequency and the current status of using the reading corners, the average rating of space , collection, and theme activities were between fair and good. 2. The willingness of students to keep using the reading corner is not low. They prefer to use the space and seats in the reading corners to read books or to chat with each other, or to look for books of personal interest in the reading corners. 3. In terms of the elementary school students' needs and feelings about the use of reading corners in the school, the students have moderately high usage requirements and satisfaction. As for the comfortable and relaxing space, beautiful design, chatting, convenient location, and looking for books of personal interest, students are more inclined to feel the requirements and satisfaction in use. 4. Accordingto the results of t-test and ANOVA analysis, the grade of students made significant differences in the use of requirements and satisfaction in the reading corners, and there were also significant differences in the use of requirements and satisfaction in the reading corners. However, the gender of students made no significant differences in the use of requirements and satisfaction in the reading corners. 5. According to these results of the Chi-square test and Pearson analysis, the grades of students are significantly positively correlated with the reading corner that most commonly used, the frequency of use, the requirements of use, and the satisfaction of use; requirements and satisfaction of use are also significantly positively correlated with each other. The results of this study provide a reference for educators and future research.
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