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Title: 冒險治療親子方案對依附關係影響之研究
Research on the Influence of Adventure Therapy Parent-child Program on Attachment
Authors: 謝智謀
Keywords: 冒險治療
Adventure Therapy
Parent-Child relationship
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究之目的在探討冒險治療中親子方案對於造成依附關係改變的因素及其影響,共招募5組親子共同參加親子團體冒險活動方案,以全程參與活動方案之親子為研究對象,由研究者、引導員進行觀察和紀錄,並於參與方案活動後兩週內各別進行深度訪談以蒐集資料,歸納分析親子在參與冒險治療方案後,對其依附關係產生之影響,以及造成其影響的主要因素。 冒險治療方案的研究結果顯示:: 一 參與者在活動中能感受到親子溝通的重要性,並且能夠透過理解與尊重、表達與傾聽,增進親子之間溝通關係。 二 參與者在活動中能透過主觀的覺知感受親子之間的信任關係,透過有效的溝通建立信任,經由增能與賦權增強彼此信任關係 三 在依附關係的理論中,依附類型具相當的穩定度,且與個體和母親的溝通品質有相當大的關聯,照顧者若能給予適當的敏感度與回應性,可以提供個人正向的經驗,透過良好的溝通或建立信任關係,活化安全型的內在運作模式,進而促使個人依附類型傾向安全型依附。 最後希望本研究所得之結論,能對於未來相關研究提供進一步的建議,並為日後建構有關冒險治療親子方案提供參考資料。
The purpose of this study is to exam and measure the influence and effects of parent-child programs on the Attachment and the factors of change in the risk-taking treatment. The research objects are established by recruiting 5 pairs of parent-child to participate in parent-child group adventure activities, and then to study the parent-child activities of the whole program, we can explore the effects.Guides to observe and record, and to conduct in-depth interviews within two weeks after participating in the program activities to collect information, to summarize the impact of parent-child involvement in the risk-taking treatment program, and its impact. major factor The results of the research on the Adventure Therapy program show: 1. Participants can feel the importance of parent-child communication during the activity and can enhance mutual communication scale between parents and children through understanding and respect, expression and listening. 2. Participants can feel the trust relationship between parents and children through subjective awareness in the activity, build trust through effective communication, and enhance mutual trust through empowerment and empowerment. 3. In the theory of Attachment relationship, the attachment type has considerable stability and has a considerable correlation with the quality of communication between the individual and the mother. If the caregiver can give appropriate sensitivity and responsiveness, it can provide personal positive experience. Through a good communication or building a trust relationship, the safe internal mode of operation is activated, which in turn promotes the type of personal attachment to a safe connection. Finally, I hope that the conclusions of this study can give advice to future related research and provide reference materials for the future construction of the Adventure Therapy parent-childprogram.
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