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Title: 臺灣成年網路使用者愛滋汙名及相關因子之探討
Factors Associated with HIV-related Stigma among Adult Internet Users in Taiwan
Authors: 張晏蓉
Chang, Yen-Jung
Chang, Chih-Ching
Keywords: 愛滋汙名
HIV-related stigma
online questionnaire
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 目標:本研究目的為瞭解國內愛滋汙名現況及探討相關因子。方法:為橫斷式研究,於2020年5、6月間以網路調查1,422位臺灣成年網路使用者,問卷內容包含愛滋病相關經驗、愛滋知識量表(HIV-KQ-18)、愛滋汙名量表及社會人口學變項。資料以描述性統計及多元迴歸分析進行處理。結果:研究對象之愛滋汙名量表平均得分(範圍為1至5分)為2.44分。男性、60歲以上、高中職以下畢業、製造業(含農、林、漁、牧業、勞工及其他)及服務業、有宗教信仰、異性戀及雙性戀、已婚及離婚者之愛滋汙名情形較高。愛滋病相關經驗及愛滋病知識皆與愛滋汙名呈負相關。根據多元線性迴歸分析結果顯示,生理性別、性取向、愛滋病相關經驗及愛滋病知識為愛滋汙名的有效預測因子。結論:生理性別、性取向、愛滋病相關經驗及愛滋病知識為愛滋汙名的預測因子。建議衛生教育可以高汙名者為目標族群,提升愛滋病知識、減少愛滋汙名為計畫目標,終盼能使疾病逐漸去汙名化,營造對感染者友善的環境。
Objectives: The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to explore factors associated with HIV-related stigma among adult internet users in Taiwan. Methods: From May to June, 2020, a total of 1,422 respondents completed the online structured questionnaire, which included an assessment of HIV-related experience, HIV knowledge scale (HIV-KQ-18), HIV-related stigma scale and socio-demographic characteristics. Descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis were used. Results: The mean score of respondents on the HIV-related stigma was 2.44 (SD=0.51) out of a score range from 1 to 5. Respondents who were males, older, less educated, married, divorced, heterosexual, homosexual, had religious beliefs, manufacturers, worked in the service industry had higher levels of stigma. The levels of HIV knowledge and HIV-related experience had statistically significant negative associations with levels of HIV-related stigma. Gender, sexual orientation, levels of HIV knowledge and HIV-related experience were associated with levels of HIV-related stigma after multiple regression analysis. Conclusions: Factors associated with HIV-related stigma varied by gender, sexual orientation, levels of HIV knowledge and HIV-related experience. The finding of this study suggest that stigma-reduction intervention is greatly needed to destigmatize toward people living with HIV/AIDS and provide greater support for them.
Other Identifiers: G060605009E
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