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Title: 虛實結合3D VR芳香療法對老人身心健康之成效探討
The effectiveness of combination of interactive 3D VR scenario and Aromatherapy on older adults' physical and mental health
Authors: 郭鐘隆
Guo, Jong-Long
Lee, Tzu-Chi
Cheng, Ya-Wen
Keywords: 3D 虛擬實境
Older adult
Perceived stress
Sleep quality
Experience on Meditation
Life satisfaction
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 背景:為了追求整體健康,選擇輔助及整體性療癒已蔚為全球趨勢。在許多不同的療法之中,芳香療法已被證實具有改善心理情緒及調節生理之功能。隨著科技發展,3D VR已被廣泛應用在教育與醫療相關產業,且頗具成效。本研究為第一個透過3D虛擬實境與芳香療法虛實結合的創新課程,得以解決實體芳香療法在於課程推動的時間及空間限制與特殊族群的困難,本研究選擇以3D VR沉浸式擬真實境,透過場景內互動式課程學習,完善芳香療法教育之推動,並就科學的方法驗證芳香療法對於老人身心健康效益之影響。 方法:採標準實驗研究設計,立意取樣新北市2個大型老人安養中心之住民為對象,共60人。其中一所(30人)為實驗組,進行芳香療法創新課程介入,另一所(30人)為控制組無介入。以量表搜集介入前後對身心健康因子(包含快樂、知覺壓力、主觀睡眠品質、靜心冥想,與生活滿意)等之改變,並以廣義估計方程式(Generalized estimating equation, GEE) 進行統計及分析。 結果:本研究融入任務科技配適模式(task-technology fit, TTF) 相關變項之統計結果顯示,施行3D VR芳香療法課程介入後,相對於對照組,實驗組參與者在快樂、知覺壓力、主觀睡眠品質、靜心冥想與生活滿意成效之後測表現皆顯著改善。 結論:本研究為首創之3D VR芳香療法課程,得以改善一般芳療課程的侷限,透過虛實結合,有效促進長者的健康,未來可推廣應用至長照或安養機構,能有效降低照護工作負荷,同時提升機構老人的身心健康,實務上具參考價值。
Background: In order to pursue holistic health, it has become a global trend to choose alternative therapies. Aromatherapy has been proved to have the effect of improving psychological, emotional and physiological health. With the development of science and technology, 3D VR has been widely used in education and medical related industries, and it is very effective. This study is the first innovative program that combines 3D virtual reality and real Aromatherapy to overcome the difficulties of delivering the real aromatherapy to population with special need under the time and space constraints. The study applied 3D VR immersive virtual reality, through interactive learning in the scene, improved the delivery of aromatherapy program, and explored the effect of Aromatherapy on the physical and mental health of the elderly. Method: The study recruited 60 residents from two large elderly care centers in northern Taiwan. 30 participants was in the experimental group, and the other 30 was the comparison group, respectively. The measurement scales were administered to collect the outcome variables including happiness, conscious stress, subjective sleep quality, meditation, and life satisfaction before and after intervention. The results of the intervention were analyzed by Generalized estimation equation (GEE). Results: The findings revealed that the combination of 3D VR and real Aromatherapy after the intervention, the experimental group participants in Happiness, conscious pressure, subjective sleep quality, meditation and life satisfaction significantly improved compared to the counterparts in comparison group. Conclusion: This study supports the combination of 3D VR and real Aromatherapy program could effectively improve the health of the elderly, can be promoted to long-term institutions, effectively reduce the practical workload, while improving the physical and mental health of the institionalized older adults.
Other Identifiers: G060405021E
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