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Title: 台北市某醫學中心專科護理師職場疲勞與健康促進生活型態之研究
Study on Workplace Fatigue and Health Promoting Life Style of Nurse Practitioners in a Medical Center in Taipei
Authors: 葉國樑
Cheng, Chiung-Ling
Keywords: 專科護理師
Nurse Practitioners
workplace fatigue
perceived health status
health promotion lifestyle
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在探討台北市某醫學中心之專科護理師健康促進生活型態現況及其相關因素,研究工具係使用自覺健康狀態量表、職場疲勞量表與健康促進生活型態量表。以台北市某醫學中心之全體專科護理師為對象,採自填問卷方式進行資料蒐集,共發出210份問卷,回收有效問卷193份,回收率達91%。使用SPSS for Window 23.0 套裝軟體進行描述性統計與推論性統計分析,進而比較不同社會人口學變項於自覺健康狀態、職場疲勞與健康促進生活型態之現況與分布情況,並探討其相關性及健康促進生活型態的預測因子。本研究結果歸納如下: 一、研究對象自覺健康狀態屬於中等程度。 二、研究對象整體職場疲勞屬於中高疲勞程度,得分最高為「個人疲勞」。 三、研究對象整體健康促進生活型態屬於中等程度,得分最高為人際支持。 四、研究對象自覺健康狀態與健康促進生活型態為顯著正相關。 五、研究對象職場疲勞與健康促進生活型態呈現顯著負相關。 六、研究對象之自覺健康狀態於預測整體健康促進生活型態達顯著差異,可解釋21.1%之變異量。
The main purpose of this study was to explore the current status of health promotion lifestyle and its related factors for Nurse Practitioners in a medical center in Taipei city. The research tools used the perceived health status, workplace fatigue scale and health promotion lifestyle scale. The data were collected by self-filled questionnaires for all the Nurse Practitioners in a medical center in Taipei. A total of 210 questionnaires were sent out, and 193 valid questionnaires were collected. The recovery rate was 91%. Use SPSS for Window 23.0 software package to perform descriptive statistics and inferential statistical analysis, and then compare the status and distribution of different sociodemographic variables in perceived health status, workplace fatigue and health-promoting lifestyles, and explore their correlations and predictors of health-promoting lifestyles. The results of this study are summarized as follows: 1.The perceived health status for Nurse Practitioners was in moderate level. 2.Overall workplace fatigue was moderate to high fatigue level, with the highest score being "personal fatigue". 3.The overall health-promoting lifestyles was moderate, and the highest score was "interpersonal support". 4.There were significant positive correlation between perceived health status and health promotion lifestyles for Nurse Practitioners. 5.The subject’s workplace fatigue were negatively correlated with their health promotion lifestyles. 6.The subject's perceived health status can effectively predict their health promotion lifestyles, which can explain the total variation by 21.1%.
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