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Title: 親職雜誌中「親職參與」之內容分析
Content Analysis of Parental Involvement in the Parenting Magazine
Authors: 林如萍
Hsiao, Tzu-Chiao
Keywords: 親職參與
Parental Involvement
Context Analysis
Parenting Magazine
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract:   本研究旨在探究親職雜誌中「親職參與」的圖像,「親職參與」聚焦於學齡階段的親子互動。採質性為主、量化為輔的內容分析法,分析《親子天下》2014-2018之母親、父親節月份的封面故事區塊系列文章,經篩選全文與親職參與相關,且談及學齡階段親職參與之教養內涵,共計分析64篇。研究針對當代親職雜誌中的「親職參與」有以下發現: 一、親職參與之主題主要可分為教育和人格兩大類,教育類有數位使用、升學競爭力及體制外學習之主題,人格類有情緒因應、獨立自主及人際相處之主題。 二、親職參與實踐具有「以孩子為中心的親子互動」、「聽從多樣專家建議的教養」、「與全球教養競爭」及「父職角色形象浪漫化」之特性。其中又以「聽從多樣專家建議的教養」最常出現。 三、親職參與中父母具做孩子的伯樂、溫柔教練、陪伴者、好朋友、楷模多種角色,展現出當代親職參與中父母所需扮演的角色多樣。再者,於各角色中同時蘊含東西教養文化,尤以「做孩子的教練」最為凸顯。在教練的角色中,類似華人「管」的教養邏輯,但也有別於過往「嚴教」的概念,更強調用溫柔的方式給予孩子「剛剛好」的引導和訓練,顯現出文化交融下父母角色同時具備「長輩」與「平輩」的意涵,具類平輩親子觀之特性。
The purpose of this study was to explore the “parental involvement” image in the parenting magazine. Parental involvement focuses on parent-child interaction of school-age stage. This study analyzed the series of articles on the cover story blocks of Mother and Father's Day in Education, Parenting and Family Lifestyle from 2014 to 2018 through the qualitative content analysis. After screening, the full text related to parental involvement in school age included 64 analysis articles. It found that the "parental involvement" image in the parenting magazine has the following three points: I.The themes of parental involvement could be divided into two categories: education and personality. Education included themes of digital use, competitiveness for further studies, and learning outside the system. Personality included themes of emotion, independence, and interpersonal relationships. II.There are characteristics of "child-centered ", " following the advice of various experts", "competition with global parenting" , and “romantic image of fathers” in the situation of parental involvement. III.Parents took into consideration the roles of Bole(伯樂), coach, companion, good friend, and role model for their children during parental involvement. It also shows that the role parents playing included Eastern and Western cultures, especially " coach ",with the meaning of "elder" and "peer".
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