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Title: 針對韓籍初級華語學習者之任務型商務華語教材編寫設計
A Design of Task-Based Business Chinese Textbook for Korean Upper-Elementary CFL Learners
Authors: 陳麗宇
Chen, Li-Yu
Chen, Yu-Ting
Keywords: 初級商務華語
elementary business Chinese
textbook design
task-based language teaching
Korean CFL learners
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著韓國與兩岸經貿往來日益密切,韓國掀起了一股學習商務華語的風潮,這也促使了商務華語教材的逐年發行。然而,目前臺灣尚未出版針對韓語母語者所編寫的國別化商務華語教材,韓國本土商務華語教材也缺乏教學理論。另一方面,強調「做中學」的任務型教學法(task-based language teaching)在商務華語教學中逐漸受到關注,因而有了任務型商務華語教材的誕生。不過,截至目前所出版的任務型教材仍缺乏科學性,教材編寫者並未真正將任務型教學理論落實於教材中。綜結以上兩點,本研究擬編寫具國別化特色且融入任務型教學法的初級商務華語教材。筆者先透過文獻回顧,探討「國別化任務型初級商務華語教材」的編寫原則,再參考Willis(1996)的任務型教學框架設計兩堂初級商務華語課程。進行實際教學後,以問卷調查法蒐集學習者之意見回饋,探討任務型教學法應用於初級商務華語教學的可行性。根據調查結果,學習者對課程整體安排與筆者設計的任務型教材給予正面評價。接著,筆者分析十本韓國暢銷初級商務華語教材以及近年出版的任務型商務華語教材,分別針對教材內部之交際功能與任務設置進行探討,再參照先前歸納的教材編寫原則、問卷回饋與教材分析之結果,實際編寫具國別化特色的任務型初級商務華語教材。最後,邀請七位評鑑人員對本教材進行評估。結果顯示本研究的任務型商務華語教材為優秀教材,顯示具有國別化特色的任務型初級商務華語教材有其發展性與可行性。
Korea has set off a wave of business Chinese learning, which prompted the gradual publication of business Chinese textbooks. However, to date, few country-specific business Chinese textbooks have been designed for native Korean speakers in Taiwan, and the locally-published textbooks in Korea also lack teaching theories. In addition, although task-based business Chinese textbooks have been receiving increasing attention in the business Chinese teaching field, most of the writers did not really implement the task-based teaching theory in their textbooks. Based on the two reasons mentioned above, the purpose of this study is to design a country-specific upper-elementary business Chinese textbook integrated with task-based pedagogy. This study began with a literature review to generalize the principles of compiling “country-specific task-based elementary business Chinese textbooks”, and then two elementary business Chinese courses were designed based on Willis’s task-based teaching framework. After the actual classroom teaching, a questionnaire survey was conducted to gather the learners’ feedback. According to the survey results, the learners gave positive comments regarding the overall course arrangement and the task-based teaching materials. Next, ten best-selling elementary business Chinese textbooks published in Korea and the latest task-based business Chinese textbooks were analyzed in aspects of communicative functions and task settings. Then a country-specific task-based upper-elementary business Chinese textbook was written on the basis of the previous research results. Lastly, seven experts were invited to evaluate it. The results show that this textbook can be categorized as an “excellent textbook”, which demonstrates the feasibility of developing country-specific task-based elementary business Chinese textbooks.
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