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Title: 中高級商務華語案例分析結合內容導向教學設計:以「品牌策略」為例
A Course Design for Advanced Business Chinese based on Case Study and CBI: In a Case of "Brand Strategy"
Authors: 杜昭玫
Tu, Chao-Mei
Chen, Jia-Huei
Keywords: 商務華語
Business Chinese
Brand Strategy
Course Design
Case Study
Content-Based Instruction
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究嘗試將商務專業內容與華語教學整合,以內容與語言雙焦點並重的學習方式為核心理念,將商務華語課程導入案例分析教學法與內容導向教學法進行教學設計並完成教學與自我反思。本文將透過文獻探討、分析相關教材發展現況,參酌現有教材之專業商務詞語和結構設計,將「內容導向教學法」導入並以商務知識「品牌策略」為教學內容,結合「案例分析教學法」之理念編寫輔助教材「品牌策略案例分析」一文,同時參考專業華語教師教學法問卷結果進行教學設計,實際應用於課堂當中,盼提升學習者中高級閱讀能力並拓展其商務專業知能,最後綜合前述研究成果、學習者回饋、教師觀課評鑑,進行教學反思並進一步提出教學建議。
The goal of this study is to develop a course design for advanced Business Chinese teaching. The application of Case Study and Content-Based Instruction on Business Chinese teaching can help Advanced learners to improve their reading skills, develop problem-solving skills and acquire professional business knowledge. This study first reviews the current developmental situation of Business Chinese pedagogical theory, teaching methods of Case Study and CBI, as well as the literature of “Brand Strategy” which is the main content of the teaching material. The study also tries to analyze the development of related Business Chinese textbooks based on Case Study. After compiling the supplementary teaching material “Brand Strategy Case Study”, there is a questionnaire for experienced Chinese teachers to collect their professional suggestions and then apply them into the course design. The learners’ feedback reveals that Case Study is an efficient, interesting way for learning Business Chinese, especially the content of brand stories. Suggestions for the course design of advanced Business Chinese are provided for reference as well.
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