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Title: 美國大學初級漢字語文分流教學設計與實施
The Design and Implementation of Beginning Level Students by differentiating Chinese Between Language and Character in an American University
Authors: 蔡雅薰
Chiung-li Chang
Keywords: 語文分流
differentiating Chinese between language and character
Chinese character teaching
Chinese Character Key-image Pictures
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 根據研究者在美國的華語教學經歷中,學生多數為美籍學生,他們母語英文為拼音文字,而中文的聽與說的學習方式也是屬於拼音系統,和這些美籍學生學習母語的方式是較相似的,都屬是拼音系統。因此對於母語為英文的華語學習者而言,早已習慣了拼音文字系統,基本上學習中文聽與說沒有太大問題,通常在經過一年的學習後,可以具備一般生活聽與說的基本溝通能力。然而,中文的讀與寫相較於中文聽與說,並不是拼音文字系統,對於這些學生而言是比較為困難的。因此,本研究以語文分流的教學理念為主,發展適合初級華語學習者之漢字學習策略,提供漢字學習的原則,突破中文困難的迷思。本研究的研究方法是準實驗研究法,以美國南加州一所私立大學的大學生為研究樣本,實施初級漢字的語文分流教學設計與執行,此組學生為實驗組。而在美國南加州另一所大學的大學生為對照組,課室中文教學未執行語文分流教學設計。經過兩個半月的教學研究,結果顯示,接受語文分流之實驗組,漢字與認字的表現皆優於對照組。此外,實驗組的學生皆對於漢字有較好的學習成效。
For foreign language learners whose native language is English, learning speaking and listening Chinese is easier than reading and writing the language. For English speaking Chinese language learners, using the Pinyin system is well suited because of the usage of a phonetic system to represent sounds made from Chinese characters. After learners adapt to using pinyin to learn Chinese, there tends to be less issues in learning to speak and listen. However, for these students, learning how to read and write Chinese characters is more difficult than learning how to speak and listen. Therefore, this study is based on the language-character separation approach. Three Chinese character teaching strategies were designed for beginning level Chinese language learners. The purpose is to teach the significant and basic principles of Chinese character knowledge in order to reduce apprehension in learning Chinese characters. Learning Chinese characters can be an easy, systematic and step by step process. The sample used in this study consists of college students from two different private universities in southern California. Students from one university were used as the Experimental Group, while students from the other university were used as the Control Group. For this control group, students did not learn any Chinese character writing strategies in class. After ten weeks of instruction, the results showed that the students who learned Chinese character writing strategies based on the language-character separation approach had better Chinese character test scores than students who have never learned strategies for Chinese character writing.
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