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Title: 社區永續發展的新機會?—從社區工作觀點探討社區生態旅遊的推動
Is It a New Opportunity for Sustainable Development of Communities? Exploring the Process of Community-based Ecotourism from a Community Work Perspective
Authors: 沈慶盈
Ciou, Zih-Cheng
Keywords: 社區永續
Community Sustainability
Community Work
Community Based Ecotourism
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 台灣的社區發展已由最初的硬體工程建設,轉向邁入軟硬兼施的社區營造工作。可隨著經濟開發所伴隨而來的環境惡化議題,國際間已將「永續發展」列為重要討論項目,社區生態旅遊在被大力推廣之下,也成為社區永續發展的重要策略。但究竟社區推動生態旅遊的成果如何?又對當地帶來了何種影響與改變?是否又有助於社區的永續發展?卻仍較少人進行論述。 本研究主要利用深度訪談,透過5位曾參與社區生態旅遊推動的工作者,瞭解推動社區生態旅遊後對在地社區產生之影響。並進一步從工作者身上瞭解其推動動機、歷程、困境與解決策略等,期許能為日後的工作者帶來參考。 而根據本研究發現,目前推動社區生態旅遊之社區,在經濟面上的確可為社區帶來額外收入,並使居民共享經濟利益。但卻仍無法成為穩定獲利的社區產業。在社會面上則可達到增加居民認同與凝聚,提升居民參與並且傳承社區在地文化。而在環境面上,雖可改善社區環境與風景,提升居民對環境意識,但推動過程中也可能會打擾生態。 因此可以看出,雖然社區已逐漸將在地經濟、社會及環境等議題共同納入考量,但由於社區自身在經濟上尚無法達到永續,且尚未能夠影響社區多數人共同參與,在模式上也難達到最初政策之預期,故離社區永續的最終目標,仍有一段道路。
Community Development in Taiwan has transformed from infrastructure construction in the initial stage into the work of community building that encompasses both infrastructure construction and features development. Nevertheless, as the environmental issue emerges along with the trend of economic development, “sustainable development” has been an important discussion topic globally; community-based ecotourism, therefore, is being promoting with great effort, which also becomes a significant strategy in regards of community sustainable development. However, what kind of results that communities actually achieve by promoting ecotourism? What sorts of impacts and changes has it brought to the local area? Is it helpful to the sustainable development of the community in question? These are the questions that few has tried to answer in the past. In this research, in-depth interviews are conducted on 5 individuals that have participated in promoting community-based ecotourism, so as to get to know the impact on the community after promoting community-based ecotourism. Furthermore, initial motives, process during the work, encountered difficulties and their solutions are also included in the interview, in hope to serve as the references in the future. According to the discoveries of this research, on the economic side, currently communities that are promoting ecotourism can indeed bring extra income that can be enjoyed together by community’s residents; however, ecotourism still fails to become an industry in the community that induces stable profit. On the social side, promoting ecotourism can reach the targets of enhancing residents' identity and cohesion, as well as increasing residents’ participation and passing down local cultures in the community. On the environmental side, although the environment and landscape in the community can be improved and residents’ environmental awareness can also be raised, the process of promoting ecotourism may also cause disturbance to the nature ecosystems. With these, in regards of community-based ecotourism, one can see that communities have gradually taken local economic, social and environmental issues into consideration. Nevertheless, communities still cannot be economically sustainable by themselves, and the majority of the residents have not been involved in the participation; in addition, it is difficult for their operation patterns to meet the initial expectation within the policy statement. For the final target of community sustainability, therefore, we still have a long way to go.
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