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Title: 社工運用充權觀點於就業與創業服務之經驗分析-以經濟不利單親女性為例
Analysis on Employment Services of Social Workers From Empowerment Perspective For Economically Disadvantaged Women
Authors: 王永慈
Wang, Yeong-Tsyr
Chen, Chia-Hua
Keywords: 社工
social worker
empowerment perspective
financial disadvantage
single moms
mutual recovery
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   本研究為探討社工如何運用充權觀點於就業/創業服務中,促使服務對象達成其人生藍圖,與其生活有良好的適配度,採取深度訪談法向八位運用充權觀點並於台灣北部地區服務之社工進行資料蒐集,研究結果如下:   運用充權觀點讓社工以不同視角看待事件或狀況背後的成因,能避免以病理觀點看待服務對象,減少再次消權或加深自我究責的可能,社工透過生態觀點的角度進行個人、人際/社群、環境結構之脈絡性盤點,能重新釐清服務對象所面臨之處境,並透過連結資源及排除障礙等行動來協助服務對象獲取資源。   就業/創業並非個人議題而是涉及環境與結構議題,亦非僅止於工作、收入等經濟面向,更與生活息息相關。社工使用充權觀點能以「全人」的角度關懷服務對象,對於不同需求與狀態之個殊性,給予不同程度之協助與處遇。   充權於個人層次上之展現包含重新看待過往經驗並賦予新的意義、人力資本增加,如透過進修管道增加自己在教育程度(學歷)與專業能力或技能上的提升、人際互動技能提升、自信心提升;人際及社群層次則藉由連結與創造機會使非正式及正式資源提升;經濟面向上,單親女性能實際進入經濟市場而不被排除,除增加收入維持家計外亦能帶來自信與自我實現之價值,進而對生活產生幸福感,透過充權導向之就業/創業服務也能保障服務對象的勞動權益,企業也增加對服務對象之瞭解,促進社會理解與包容;制度層面係透過倡議修改法規,使服務對象之權益及相關資源更有明文保障。   充權是過程也是結果,從服務對象身上看見的優點,再加上環境與社工的助力,促成服務對象之復元,社工也在助人過程中回觀自我經驗與狀態,從覺察中成長,雙向復元油然而生,進而擴散形成善的循環。最後則說明本研究之限制,並依據結論對於實務工作及政策給予建議。
  In order to examine how social workers utilize the empowerment approach on employment and entrepreneurship services that help clients achieve their life’s blueprint and good compatibility. For collect data purpose, the researcher conducted in-depth interviews with eight social workers from northern Taiwan that use the empowerment perspective. The research findings are as follows:   The empowerment perspective enables social worker to review projects or circumstances on different angle which prevents them from pathological perspective and lowers the possibility of continued disempowerment or unnecessary self-blaming. Social workers can clarify the problems that clients face by using the ecological perspective to conduct personal, community and environment analysis. They can also help clients to secure resources by connecting resources and trouble shooting.   Employment and entrepreneurship are not personal issues; instead, they are environmental and structural issues that not only relates to work and salary, but also relates daily life. Social workers use the empowerment perspective to care clients from a holistic approach which providing clients assistances according to their individual needs and situation.   From personal level, empowerment perspective could let clients redefine their past experiences and increase human capital like going for an advanced degree, learn professional skills, social skills or increase confidence. From social and community level, empowerment perspective could help clients to increase formal and informal recourses by linking and creating opportunities. From financial level, when single moms can take part in the work field without being left out, not only does their income increase, they also find confidence in themselves and the worth of self-actualization which leads to happiness in life. An empowerment approach to employment or entrepreneurship services protects the labor rights of the services users and companies can have a better understanding of them as well that improve more understanding and tolerance of society. From structural level, by promoting current regulation revision, there would be more rights and resources guarantee for clients.   Empowerment is a process, but also a result. Clients can recover by the recognition of their advantages and social workers and environment’s help. Social workers also can improve from each project by reviewing self-experiences and situation. This creates mutual recovery and forms a positive cycle. Lastly, the researcher points out the limits of this research and offers advice on practical work and policy according to the research conclusions.
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