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Title: 展開我的認同之路:自我、族群、專業的探索
My Adventure Experiences in Search of Identity of Self, Ethnicity and Profession
Authors: 王永慈
Wang, Yeong-Tsyr
Yu, Siao-Ting
Keywords: 原住民
ethnic identity
indigenous social work
narrative research
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 我具有女性、原住民、布農族、阿美族、社會工作者等多元身分,各個身份在不同的關係或環境中曾出現矛盾或衝突,並常感到自卑與疑惑,因此「我是誰」的疑問在生命歷程中各個階段持續出現,為了釐清我是誰?於是展開認同之路。 研究方法運用「敘事探究」中的自我民族誌,期望透過探討自身經歷,呈現出在主流文化、部落與都市環境中,各個身份在關係中及體制下的位置與互動,我將自我放在文化與社會脈絡之下書寫,逐一耙梳與形塑自我認同、族群認同與原住民社會工作者的樣貌,此研究將朝四個主軸進行探討:一、生命歷程的不同階段發展。二、故事為主軸的發展。三、認同為主軸的討論。四、回顧/討論與反思。 經歷了茫然、無助、害怕與面臨放棄,最後透過自我敘說、書寫、對話與反思中發現,我已逐步建構出自我並展開認同的旅程,研究最後發現認同伴隨身份、關係、環境場域、社會結構的變化而調整、適應與轉變,經過轉化後,開始覺察自我、詮釋自我與肯定自我,此外,族群認同促發我對族群文化尋根的想法,並增強延續族群文化的使命感,未來,期許自我能盡所能協助或推動原住民族發展。
Assuming diverse identities as a female, indigenous individual (both Bunun and Amis), and social worker, etc., I have experienced contradictions and conflicts of different identities in different relationships or environments, and have often felt inferior and confused. Therefore, the question “Who am I” has continued to appear during various phases of my life course. To figure out who I am, I set out on the journey of self-identification. In terms of the research method, I adopted autoethnography, a narrative research approach, seeking to present the positions of and interactions among various identities in different relationships and under different systems in the dominant culture, indigenous community, and urban environment through the exploration of self-experience. Putting myself in cultural and social contexts, I organized and delineated the contours of self-identity, ethnic identity, and indigenous social worker one by one. This research will investigate four main aspects: (1) development of various phases of the life course; (2) development centered on stories; (3) discussion centered on identification; (4) retrospect/discussion and reflection. Having experienced confusion, helplessness, and fear, and having felt like giving up, eventually through narrative, writing, dialogue, and reflection, I have gradually constructed my self-identity and embarked on a journey of self-identification. Finally, the research reveals that identification will adjust, adapt, and transform according to the changes in identities, relationships, environments, contexts, and social structures. After transformation, self-awareness, self-interpretation, and self-affirmation will begin to take form. Furthermore, ethnic identity has given me an idea to search for the roots of ethnic culture and strengthened my sense of commitment to preserving my ethnic culture. In the future, I will strive to do my utmost to facilitate and promote the development of indigenous peoples.
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