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Title: Factors Affecting Attitude of Local People Towards Migrants in Russia: In-group and Out-group Concept
Factors Affecting Attitude of Local People Towards Migrants in Russia: In-group and Out-group Concept
Authors: Yeh, Chu-Chen Rosa
Yeh, Chu-Chen Rosa
Petrova Natalia
Keywords: none
social identity theory
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: none
Nowadays there is a big influx of labor migrants in Russia. A lot of local Russian people are concerned about this issue and are afraid of possible consequences for their own well-being and the economy of the country in general. In the Russian society there is a process of stratification of ethnic groups, the formation of their hierarchy, as well as other social groups. So, the society is divided into different groups, and currently there is dangerous tension between such groups. The purpose of this present study is to investigate the factors that may affect attitude of local people towards migrants in Russia and check how exactly these factors may affect people's attitude in terms of in-group and out-group concept. For the research the data from the European Social Survey (ESS) was used, the data was analyzed by quantitative method using SPSS. Belonging to minority/majority, holding the citizenship of Russia and origin of parents were identified as main factors which affect attitude towards migrants of Russian people. The results of the current study reflect significant tension towards migrants which are perceived as a threatening out-group. The results of this research hope to provide useful information in order to improve the situation with tension between local people and migrants in Russia.
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