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Title: 師生共構文化回應數學教學之個案研究
Other Titles: Co-construction of Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching: The Case Study of a Junior High School Class in Taiwan
Authors: 陳玟樺
Wen-Hua Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 在多元文化教育潮流下,課室層級被期許能實踐文化回應教學,以促進整體學生的學習增能。本研究旨在探討現階段臺灣課程改革脈絡中,課室師生共同建構文化回應數學教學模式的歷程,採質性個案研究,以參與觀察、訪談、文件分析等方法進行資料蒐集,研究時間為二年。研究發現,師生在設定「邁向公平與正義」為課室專屬之「新」數學教學目標後,為實踐協助課室中新移民子女以「母文化」為橋梁來學習數學,嘗試以「文化差異」,如族群、語言、社會階級、生活經驗等不同文化脈絡與社會建構論為基礎,連結「批判識讀」於數學課程與教學的轉化處理,在協助新移民子女搭建學習鷹架的同時,泛漢族學生也同步展現了不同層次主體性。個案師生透過持續反思與實踐,逐步構築起課室文化回應數學教學模式之雛形。
With the trend on multicultural education, learners’ empowerment is expected to be promoted by culturally responsive teaching at the classroom level. This research focuses on the understanding of operating culturally responsive mathematics teaching in a multi-ethnic junior-high-school classroom in northern Taiwan. This two-year case study used multiple methods to collect research data, including participant observation, interviews and document analysis. The author links the research findings with the following questions. After setting “towards fairness and justice” for the classroomexclusive “new” mathematics teaching objectives, the teacher and students strived to support new immigrant children to learn mathematics using their “mother culture” as a bridge. All of them strived on the basis of “cultural differences” such as ethnicity, languages, social classes, life experiences under different cultural contexts and social constructivism with “critical literacy” to deal with the transformation of mathematics curriculum and instruction. Simultaneously, Pan Han students also show diverse levels of subjectivity. Through continuous reflection and practice, the teacher and students gradually build up the prototype of culturally responsive mathematics teaching model at the classroom level.
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