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Title: 縣市教育資源對學習共同體擴散影響之研究
Other Titles: The Effect of Local Level Education Resource on the Diffusion of School as Learning Community
Authors: 阮孝齊
Hsiao-Chi Juan, Li-Yun Wang
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 擴散指一項創新從一地逐漸散布到其他地區的過程,在政府部門中代表決策受到別處創新的影響。目前臺灣在政策及方案擴散的模式及影響因素的研究相當有限,其理論仍待探究。在國外研究中,在地政府的鄰近縣市影響以及內在資源,被視為是重要的影響因素。本研究的目的在透過空間分析以及事件歷史分析的模式建構,探究臺灣學習共同體擴散的過程,分析其中的資源影響因素。研究主要發現為:一、各縣市存在不同學習共同體採用時間及方式;二、學習共同體擴散在研習次數上具有鄰近效應;三、資源影響因素包括教師負擔、財政依賴度、平均教育水準、相關研習辦理。據此,本研究對中央財政及縣市教育實務提出相關建議。
Diffusion is the process of one innovation spreading to other areas. To the governments, diffusion means policy making affected by the innovations in other places. In Taiwan, the research on the factors affecting policy and program diffusion as well as its models is under development. In previous studies, the neighborhood effect of nearby local jurisdictions and their internal resources are seen as important factors of diffusion. In this research the process and the resources affecting the diffusion of school as learning community in Taiwan are analyzed via spatial analysis and event history analysis. The result shows that (1) there exist differences in terms of time and models among different counties; (2) neighborhood effect exists in the diffusion of activities for school as learning community; (3) internal factors included subsidy dependence, teacher-student ratio, the higher education students population ratio, and the impact of the hours of teacher training courses in the previous semester. Recommendations for central government and local educationauthorities are provided based on findings.
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