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Title: 「大學生感恩課程」之教學歷程研究
Other Titles: Teaching Process of “Gratitude Program for College Students”
Authors: 吳相儀
Hsiang-Yi Wu, Wan-Yun Chen, Ya-Hsin Huang, Hsiu-Ling Lin
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 過去介入研究多為單一教學者的前、後測效果,本研究企圖控制教學者因素,分析某一正向心理學中心通過培訓的四位教學者,實施同一課程的教學歷程,為未來推廣課程鋪路。四位教學者各進行為期四週共12小時同一套大學生感恩課程,參與學員分別為9人、10人、8人、6人,另有等候控制組15人。採混合研究法,以大學生感恩量表進行前後測,並將教學者教學前後訪談進行內容分析。結果發現:一、課程對四個實驗組的感恩均有提升,輔以學員作業佐證,表示教學者們使用感恩課程均有提升效果;二、四位教學者訪談內容編碼成五個主類目,分別為:(一)接受培訓理解感恩內涵;(二)微調活動符合客群;(三)將感恩知識生活化;(四)互動中反思調整教學技巧;(五)教學相長深化自身的感恩理解。最後整理大學生感恩課程之教學歷程圖,以及未來建議供參。
Given that previous intervention studies have only been conducted with single-teacher programs, this study attempts to control teacher factors by identifying similarities in the teaching process between four teachers, implementing the same program. The four teachers were trained by the Positive Psychology Center in Taiwan, and have taught a 12-hour gratitude program over a span of 4 weeks. The number of participants in the four classes are nine, ten, eight and six participants respectively, and that of the waiting control group is fifteen. Mixed-methods were adopted. The effects of the program were analyzed in pretest-posttest of the “Inventory of Undergraduates’ Gratitude”, and a content analysis of four teachers’ interview was conducted. The results show that: (1) Participants in the four classes were more grateful, which was also supported by their homework, meaning that each program is effective, (2) Five categories were found in teachers’ teaching process: A. Receive training and understand the meaning of gratitude; B. Customize activities for different groups; C. Bring knowledge of gratitude into life; D. Reflect and adjust teaching skills during classes; E. Teach and deepen teachers’ understanding of gratitude. Finally, a flowchart of the teaching process was created, which could be applied to future research.
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