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Title: 蠶蛹蟲草具有顯著之抗氧化性與自由基清除能力
Other Titles: Extracts of Tsarm Yung Chung Tsao Which Exhibit Remarkably Antioxidative and Free-Radical Scavenging Activities
Authors: 莊曉莉
Hsiao-Li Chuang, Xiang-Ling Lee, and Tan-Chi Huang
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 蠶蛹蟲草在自然界中之產量很少,故以生技方法將蛹蟲草菌株Cordyceps militaris LS901感染家蠶大量培育蠶蛹蟲草,本文對此新產品之萃取液的抗氧化力及其相關活性加以探討。供測樣品之種類包括100℃水、40 %乙醇溶液和100 %乙醇等三種萃取液。分析結果,顯示以上各萃取液之抗油脂氧化能力與清除DPPH所生自由基的能力,均相當於人工合成之抗氧化劑BHT。對亞鐵離子之螯合力則與EDTA一樣強。藉由普魯士藍之生成量做為還原力之指標,比較各種萃取液與BHT之還原力,在最佳劑量時其相對還原力均達到BHT的80%到90%。綜合以上之結果,證明蠶蛹蟲草具有顯著之抗氧化力與清除自由基之能力。
The Chinese herbal medicine〝Yung Chung Tsao〞is formed in nature when a species of lepidopteran pupae is infected with Cordyceps militaris. Since wild Yung Chung Tsao is rare and difficult to collect, we have developed a method of cultivating a similar product by inoculating the silkworm pupae with Cordyceps militaris LS901; we name this product〝Tsarm Yung Chung Tsao.〞 The antioxidative activities and other related properties of extracts (including hot water, a 40% alcohol solution and 100% alcohol solution) taken from the new product were investigated. Results indicated that the antioxidative action against lipid peroxidation and the scavenging action of the DPPH free radical were just as efficient and effective as when the synthetic antioxidant butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is used. The chelating capacity of Fe2+ was as good as that of the synthetic metal chelater EDTA. As for the reducing actions of the extracts of Tsarm Yung Chung Tsao and BHT as indicated by the formation of Prussian blue, extracts of optimum concentration displayed relative activity at 80% to 90% of BHT.
Other Identifiers: 27965E8C-2216-3104-80F6-A35F13C97774
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