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Title: 視覺追視裝置在腦性麻痺兒童之視知覺與手眼協調能力運用成效
Other Titles: Effect of Eye Tracking Modality for Children withCerebral Palsy to Improve Visual Perception and VisualMotor Functions
Authors: 謝協君
Hsieh-Chun Hsieh
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 腦性麻痺兒童通常有視知覺和視動統整問題,使得他們難以參與活動,然而手眼動作的協調性是可透過重複練習來培養出精細動作的協調。透過教具或訓練裝置活動設計,將反覆練習的動作融入實物操作中,為提供幼兒發展良好手眼協調性的重要方法。本研究以研究者自製的視覺追視裝置來訓練腦性麻痺兒童,並藉此檢視其視知覺及手眼協調能力的促進情形。本評估工具是以眼動儀、視知覺能力測驗 (TVPS-3) 及拜瑞視覺動作統整發展測驗 (VMI) 來測44 位腦性麻痺兒童(實驗組和對照組)的視知覺和視動統整功能,只有實驗組 (n = 22) 兒童接受30週,共90 次的燈光追視遊戲訓練,對照組維持原本學校課程活動。在共變數分析 (ANCOVA) 中,實驗組在眼動儀中注視時間百分比 (PTF) 和TVPS-3 測驗顯著優於對照組且達顯著進步。在視動統整測驗結果分析中,也發現不只上述注視時間百分比和TVPS-3 有進步,在視覺動作統整 (VMI) 測驗上也達顯著成效。綜合上述,自製視覺追視裝置可做為腦性麻痺學童訓練視知覺和視動統整能力的有效輔助工具。
Children with cerebral palsy (CP) usually have difficulty in participating inactivities due to visual motor problems. This work applies a novel eye tracking modalityto make training visual perception and motor abilities accessible by using a light eyetracker. This work examines the visual perception and visual motor abilities in childrenwith CP as an outcome of the light eye tracking modality.The Eyelink eye tracker, Visual-Perceptual Skills 3rd Edition (TVPS-3) andPeabody Developmental Motor Scales Second Edition (VMI) measured visualperception and visual motor functioning for 22 children with CP and 22 children withCP in the control group. Only the experimental group of children received of light eyetracking activities 90 times in thirty weeks. In the ANCOVA analysis, the experimentalgroup showed significant improvements in visual attention on percent time fixated (PTF),and better scores on TVPS-3 as compared to the control group. In the analysis, thereare significant differences in PTF, TVPS-3, and total scale of VMI. The proposed eyetracking modality might provide an opportunity to train visual perception and visualmotor abilities.
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