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Title: 《金瓶梅》崇禎本改寫詞話本飲食男女細節研究
Other Titles: A Comparative Study of Descriptions ofFood, Drinks, and Sex in Cihua Edition andChongzhen Edition of Jin Ping Mei
Authors: 胡衍南
Yan-Nan Hu
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 關於《金瓶梅》的版本問題,一般認為,後出的「崇禎本」對「詞話本」敘事瑣碎、結構拖沓的傾向較不滿意,因此透過刪削與整理提高了小說的美學成績。然而本文以為,單就飲食和男女兩方面看,「崇禎本」的改寫恐怕改變了「詞話本」原有的藝術設計,如此一來,學界對「崇禎本」的成就應該有所保留。
Regarding the version of Jin Ping Mei, it is generally believed that the “Chongzhen edition”that appeared later does not like the tendency of “Cihua edition” narrative confusion. Therefore, theaesthetic achievement of the novel is improved through the deleting and reorganizing. However, thisarticle thinks that in terms of food, drinks, and sex, the rewriting of “Chongzhen edition” may havechanged the original art design of “Cihua edition”. As a result, the academic community should havereservations about the achievements of “Chongzhen edition”
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