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Title: 使用6E教學策略教導國小學生製作「電磁車」專題以培養STEAM素養
Other Titles: A Project on Cultivating STEAM Literacy: Using 6E Teaching Strategy to Teach Elementary Students to Make "Simplest Electric Train"
Authors: 盧秀琴
Chow-Chin Lu, Shu-Ching Lai
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: STEAM課程的專題研究能培養國小學生的STEAM素養,本研究採專題導向學習法,以國小六年級一個班級共28位學生為研究對象,由三位不同領域的協同教師使用6E教學策略引導學生進行「電磁車」的專題研究,包含:認識電磁車、選擇製作電磁車的材料、製作電磁車並參加競賽、設計電磁車專題等。本研究蒐集「電磁車」專題學習單、設計藍圖、專題作品、學生晤談、教師省思札記等質性資料,進行編碼、分類與詮釋。研究結果顯示:一、各組學生探索「電磁車」中,了解驅動電磁車的科學原理為鹼性電池、釹磁鐵和銅線圈產生電流磁效應。二、各組學生選擇材料製作電磁車並參加競賽中,學習跨領域的整合能力和如何制定一個操縱變因。三、各組學生製作STEAM專題,能設計藍圖並完成「電磁車」專題作品,富有創意。
The project research on the STEAM course could cultivate the STEAM literacy of elementary students. This study adopted a project-based learning in a class of six grade in an elementary school with 28 students as research subjects. Three collaborative teachers in different fields using 6E teaching strategy to guide students carry out project research on "simplest electric train (s-e-train)", including knowing s-e-train, choosing materials to make s-e-train, s-e-train competitions, designing project with s-e-train, etc. The collected data included the learning sheets, design blueprints, project works, student' interviews, teachers' reflections, etc., for encoding, classification and interpretation. The results indicated that: 1) each group of students explored the s-e-train and understood the scientific principle of driving the s-e-train, which produced the magnetic effect of electric current from alkaline batteries, neodymium magnets and copper coils. 2) Each group of students chose materials to make s-e-train and participated in competitions, learned the cross-disciplinary ability and how to control manipulated variables as factors. 3) Each group of students conducted STEAM projects, blueprints and completed s-e-train projects, which were creative.
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