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Title: 中等學校音樂教師對多媒體教材編製軟體之設計需求研究
Authors: 賴美玲
Keywords: 中等學校音樂教學
high cshool music instruction
multimedia computer assited instruction
softwave design
human-centered design
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract:       摘要   本研究旨在調查中等學校音樂教師編製多媒體電腦輔助教材的情形,並分析音樂科多媒體教材編製軟體的人本設計原則及適性化特質。研究方法採用問卷調查法輔以訪談的方式進行。研究者自編「中等學校音樂教師對多媒體教材編製軟體之設計需求調查問卷」,選取二十位「有自製多媒體電腦輔助教材」和「無自製多媒體電腦輔助教材」的現職中等學校音樂教師,以實機操作【Show 3D】和【編輯手】兩套軟體的方式填答。問卷調查結果之統計採用次數分配、百分比同質性檢定、單因子變異數分析及重複數單因子共變數分析等方式。研究結果發現:   一、「有自製多媒體電腦輔助教材」的教師最常遇到的困難是製作多媒體電腦輔助教材的過程費時費力,而「無自製多媒體電腦輔助教材」的教師表示無法進行多媒體電腦輔助教學的最大因素是任教學校之設備不足。   二、「有自製多媒體電腦輔助教材」與「無自製多媒體電腦輔助教材」的教師對多媒體教材編製軟體之設計需求看法一致,在學習設計上,線上示範教學比內建精靈教學受肯定;在螢幕設計上,文字類的功能按鈕設計比圖案類的功能按鈕設計評價高。且教師一致期望軟體能提供與音樂科內容相關的多媒體資料庫、及能接受各種不同格式之音訊檔案等兩項適性化特質。   本研究建議教育主管單位編列預算,設置音樂科多媒體電腦教學設備,及增加教師研習課程的軟體種類。同時建議軟體研發單位能在多媒體教材編製軟體中增加樂譜及動態影像資料的製作與編輯功能,以符應音樂科實施多媒體電腦輔助教學的需求。
Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of multimedia computer assisted instruction materials of high school teachers in general music classes. In addition , this study was conducted to examine the human-centered principles and appropriateness of the authoring software for multimedia computer assisted instruction. Questionnaire and interview were the tools for colleting data. The questionaire included two software computaions and each one provided participants with practice teachers"participated in this study . Frequency distribution, test of homogeneity of proportions, one-way ANOVA, and ANCOVA were used in the data analysis. The findings of this study are as follows: 1.A problem reported by the experienced teachers was time consuming and frustration as they edited multimedia computer assisted instruction materials for their general music class." No experience teachers reported that a lack of facility in schools was the obstacle." 2.The experienced and no experience teachers had similar needs in editing multimedia computer assisted instruction materials. In the design of learning procedures, the degree off acceptance by the participants in the on-line demonstrative teaching was higher than stock wizard teaching. In the design of screen, the functinal buttons of wording types were more popular than those of pictorial types. In addition, all of the teachers expected the authoring software could provide a pool of multimedia database information related to music instruction and posses the function accepting different format of audio files. The recommendation of this study was that the education authority and insitutes should make the budget for facility of multimedia computer assisted instruction and provied various types of software for in-service teacher training programs. It can be suggested that software companies should add the writing and editing functions of musical scores and motion pictures in authoring software for multimedia instruction to meet the needs of multimedia computer assisted instruction general music classes.
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