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Title: 台灣中部地區高中藝術生活課程實施概況之調查研究
Authors: 賴美玲
Keywords: 高中課程
Senior High School Curriculum
the Arts-in-Life Curriculum
Music Teachers
Central Taiwan
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究旨在瞭解台灣中部地區高中藝術生活課程之排課情形、實施現況、教師對藝術生活課程之進修需求及對九十二年新修訂藝術生活科課程綱要草案的看法,並預測其可行性。實施問卷調查與訪談調查,研究對象為中部地區四縣市五十二所公私立高中音樂教師,以研究者自編之「台灣中部地區高中藝術生活課程實施概況之調查問卷」與「台灣中部地區高中藝術生活課程實施概況之訪談大綱」為研究工具,於2003年11月10日寄發五十五份問卷,回收有效問卷四十二份,總回收率為76.4%,並以四個縣市各抽樣兩位音樂教師進行訪談。 調查結果與結論如下:八成五的高中從未開設藝術生活課程。音樂教師實施藝術生活課程以時間藝術領域為主,其他領域為輔,教材教法彈性多元,教學成效尚可。音樂教師進修意願高,可惜研習活動少,且研習資訊管道不通暢。教師對新修訂藝術生活科課程綱要草案的看法,認為專業師資是影響新課程綱要草案實施成功與否最重要的因素;依教師需求辦理相關之研習;以教師專長作為學校開設新課程之參考;運用藝術性社團功能來拓展學生藝術領域的學習;改善城鄉差距問題,以落實社區藝文資源協助藝術領域教學之理念。 提供以上建議,期望有助新修訂藝術生活科課程綱要的實施,並改善現行藝術生活課程之相關問題。
Abstract The purpose of this study is to understand the arrangement and implementation of arts-in-life curriculum, the needs of teachers on further education concerning arts-in-life curriculum, and their viewpoints on the draft plan of arts-in-life curriculum for 2003, also to predict the feasibility of the new plan. This study adopted questionnaire survey and interview to investigate high school music teachers from 52 public and private school in the four counties/cities in Central Taiwan. Self-developed “Survey on the Current Status of the Arts-in-Life Curriculum in Senior High Schools in Central Taiwan” and “Interview Outline on the Current Status of the Arts-in-Life Curriculum in Senior High Schools in Central Taiwan” were used as research tools. A total of 55 questionnaires were sent on November 10, 2003, and 42 were return; the valid return rate was 76.4%. Two music teachers from each of the four counties/cities were randomly selected for interview. The research results and conclusions are as follow. About 85% high schools never arranged arts-in-life curriculum. The main topic in arts-in-life curriculum was time art; other fields of art were used as supplementary materials. The instructional materials and approaches were diverse and flexible; the effect was satisfactory. Music teachers expressed strong will to pursue further education, but scanty training programs were offered and the information channels for training programs were scarce. Concerning the viewpoint on the draft plan of arts-in-life curriculum for 2003, teachers believed that qualified teachers are key factors to the success of the plan. It is suggested to offer training programs according teachers’ needs, arrange new courses based on teachers’ specialties, expand the scope of art learning for students through art-focused organizations, and improve the discrepancy between teaching in urban and rural areas, in order to utilize community art resources to assist in art education. The abovementioned suggestions are proposed to aid the planning of the new arts-in-life curriculum for 2003 and correct the existing problems on art-in-life curriculum.
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