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Title: 應用音樂抒解國中成長階段「情緒壓力」相關因素之調查研究
A Survey on Applying Music to Relieve the “Emotional Stress” of Junior High School Students in Becoming Period
Authors: 姚世澤
Keywords: 音樂
Junior High School
Emotional Stress
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討如何「應用音樂抒解國中成長階段情緒壓力」之相關因素。藉由瞭解音樂與現階段國中生情緒壓力、成長背景、生活環境及人格培養之關聯性,並深入探究互為影響的因素,期望能將研究結果,提供學生、家長及老師作為抒解國中生「情緒壓力」之參考。 本研究之目的有四:一、探究影響國中生心理發展與影響情緒的相關因素。二、探究音樂是否有助益於抒解情緒的失衡現象。三、探討有效抒解國中學生「情緒壓力」之情境因素及音樂類型。四、根據研究結果提出具體結論與建議,以作為教師在應用音樂於抒解國中生「情緒壓力」之重要參考。 本研究經由文獻資料的探討與問卷調查資料之結果分析,獲致以下結論: 一、現階段國中生之情緒失衡現象,主要原因來自於課業壓力。 二、國中生最希望能獨立解決情緒問題,其次為同儕友伴,但家長與老師不可忽略從旁輔導輔助的功能。 三、重視營造良好音樂環境與培養聆賞音樂習慣,確能有效舒緩情緒之失衡現象。 四、教師除了正式音樂課程之外,應鼓勵學生參與相關的音樂活動,如樂器、社團活動等,以有效抒解情緒壓力。 五、對於音樂曲目的熟悉度,是影響聆賞接受度的主要因素。 六、各種音樂類型對於抒解情緒具有不同的效能。 (一)流行音樂容易使國中生產生輕鬆愉快的心情。 (二)古典音樂高雅藝術的風格,具有撫慰學生心靈的效能。 (三)傳統與民謠音樂別具鄉土風味,能夠抒發學生煩悶與焦慮的情緒。 (四)宗教音樂具有淨化心靈與平撫情緒的功效。
This paper delves into the related factors on “Applying music to relieve the emotional stress of junior high school students in becoming period”. Through perceiving the connections among music, current junior high school students’ emotional stress, growth background and environment and personality development, this paper conducts an in-depth study on the factors of reciprocal effects and is expected to come up the results and provide the students, parents and teachers the references for relieving the emotional stress of junior high school students. This paper had four main objectives: 1. To explore the related factors between the influences on psychological development and emotions of junior high school students; 2. To explore whether the music facilitate to mend the disorders of emotions; 3. To compile the effective circumstances and musical forms on relieving emotional stress of junior high school students; 4. To provide specific conclusions and suggestions on “Applying music to relieve the emotional stress of junior high school students”, and they are hoped to be the crucial references for teachers. An analysis and comparison of the data gather and compilation and survey questionnaire results obtained the following conclusions: 1. The major source of present-day junior high school students’ disorders of emotions is from the stress of school assignments. 2. The junior high school students highly expect to solve their emotional problems by themselves independently, ask help from peer group second. But parents and teachers should not ignore the essentials of guidance and assistance by their side. 3. To build a good musical circumstance and develop the taste of musical appreciation are truly effective on mending the disorders of emotions. 4. Besides the regular music curriculum, the teacher should encourage the students to participate in related musical activities, such as playing musical instruments and joining associations, to relieve emotional stress effectively. 5. The familiarity with music repertoire is regarded as the main influence of music appreciation acceptance. 6. The variety of music forms has diverse effects on relieving the emotional stress. A. Current popular music is easily to bring the free, ease and joyful feeling to the junior high school students. B. Classical music of noble and graceful style has the effect to comfort the students’ minds. C. Traditional music and folk songs with local flavor can comfort the students’ agitation and anxiety. D. Religion music has the effects to purify students’ spirits and comfort their emotions.
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