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Title: 國立桃園高中學生音樂學習興趣與自我決定需求之調查研究
A Survey Study of Music Interest in Learning and Self-determination Needs of the National Taoyuan Senior High School Students
Authors: 陳曉雰
Chi Lai
Keywords: 國立桃園高中
The National Taoyuan Senior High School
interest in learning
self-determination needs
music education
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究之目的在瞭解國立桃園高中學生之音樂學習興趣與自我決定需求,並且比較不同背景學生的音樂學習興趣與自我決定需求之差異情形。本研究採用調查研究法,使用研究者自編「國立桃園高中學生音樂學習興趣與自我決定需求之調查問卷」作為研究工具,以98學年度第二學期國立桃園高中高一與高二學生 (N = 550) 為研究對象,實施問卷調查,共得有效問卷524份,回收率為95%。研究結果如下: 國立桃園高中高一與高二學生1. 有音樂學習經驗的學生以參加管樂團及學習鋼琴為多數;2. 學生在音樂潛在興趣中最同意「音樂課常常可以使其感到快樂」;3. 學生在音樂現實興趣僅同意「上過音樂課後,我會主動聆聽與音樂課有關的樂曲」;4. 學生在音樂文本興趣最同意「當音樂教科書的內容呈現情境圖片時,我會較喜歡學習它的內容」;5. 學生在音樂任務興趣最同意「音樂作業若與我的生活經驗相關,我會更樂於學習」;6. 學生在音樂知識興趣最同意「當音樂課的主題是我熟悉的內容時,我會較有興趣學習」;7. 學生在音樂自主需求最同意「我可以自行決定要與誰討論音樂學習上的問題」;8. 學生在音樂勝任感需求最同意「我常因為完成音樂作業而很有成就感」;9. 學生在音樂連繫感需求最同意「班上大多數的同學對我很友善」;10. 學生在音樂學習興趣與音樂自我決定需求有顯著正相關。而不同性別、年級、類組與音樂學習經驗在「音樂學習興趣」與「音樂自我決定需求」之情形皆有顯著差異。 最後,本研究依據研究結果,分別對學校行政、家長、音樂教師與未來研究提出建議。
The purpose of the research was to understand the music interest in learning and self-determination needs of the students at the National Taoyuan Senior High School. “A Survey Study of Music Interest in Learning and Self-determination Needs of the National Taoyuan Senior High School Students” was designed by the researcher and used as the research instrument in this survey study. The research subjects included freshmen and sophomores in the second semester of the academic year 2010 at the National Taoyuan Senior High School (N=550). There were 524 returned questionnaires at the response rate of 95%. The results of the research were: 1. Students who had music study experience mostly attend wind band or piano lessons.2. Students mostly agreed with “The music class can make him/her happy in latent interest of music”. 3. Students only agreed with “After attending the music class, I will voluntarily listen to the music related to the class materials” in the actualized interest of music. 4. Students mostly agreed with “I will be more likely to study the materials from the music textbook when the content of the textbook is presented by pictures” in the text-based interest of music. 5. Students mostly agreed with “I will be happier to study if the music assignment is related to my life experience” in the task-based interest of music. 6. Students mostly agreed with “I will have more interest in studying if the themes of the music class are familiar to me” in the knowledge-based interest of music. 7. Students mostly agreed with “I can decide for myself with whom would be most helpful to discuss the questions of the music” in music autonomy needs. 8. Students mostly agreed with “I usually have a sense of achievement when I complete a music assignment” in music competence needs. 9. Students mostly agreed with “Most of my classmates are friendly to me” in music relatedness needs. 10. Students were enthusiastic about their interest in music study and music self-determination needs. Significant differences existed between “interest in music study” and “music self-determination needs” in gender, academic year, area of study, and prior experience in music study. Based on the results of the study, the researcher provided suggestions to school administration, parents, music teachers and further research.
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