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Title: 從社會多元化探究「藝術與人文」領域發展趨勢之研究
A Study on the Developmental Trends in the field of “Arts and Humanities” : From a Perspective of Social Diversification
Authors: 姚世澤
Keywords: 社會多元化
Social Diversification
Arts and Humanities
Developmental Trends
Professional Competency
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討社會多元化對我國「藝術與人文」領域現況之影響及藝術教育未來發展之趨勢。研究方法採用文獻探討、問卷調查與訪談調查,透過資料整理與調查分析,針對我國「藝術與人文」教育發展趨勢提出可行之結論與建議,作為我國未來藝術課程發展之參考依據。本研究獲得具體發現與結論為: 一、「藝術與人文」在課程規劃、教材內容與教學實施的部份,教師應落實綜合性的教材內涵以帶動全面性的藝術學習,並加強藝術教學專業知能以落實藝術教學正常化,學校在課程安排上則應重視專才專用,才能提升藝術教學之品質。 二、藝術教學應與藝術文化結合,教師應熟知各種藝術文化的本質與價值,教材內容應兼顧多元的藝術文化,以培養學生具備尊重多元藝術文化的素養,並體認藝術文化與生活之關聯性。而教育行政單位與教師應提供並鼓勵學生參與各種藝術的展演活動,將有助於藝術文化的傳承、創新與提昇未來藝術文化的競爭力。 三、「藝術與人文」教師應具備資訊科技應用能力,應瞭解「知識管理」與「企業行銷」之概念與內涵,並具備國際觀。如此才可以建構現代系統化教學的機制並能營造良好的教學形象、進而增進學生之學習動機、更能促進學生多元化與國際化的學習經驗,以達到實質的教學效益,提昇藝術教師競爭力與藝術教學之品質。 根據研究結果,研究者對教育行政當局、教師與未來研究者提出若干建議,以作為政策、教學與研究之參考。
This research discusses the influence of social diversification on the field 0f “arts and humanities”under the present condition and explores the future trends in art education. Literature review, questionnaire survey, and interview are adopted as the research methods. Through materials arrangement and investigation analysis, feasible conclusions and implication on the development trends in the education of “arts and humanities” are offered for reference on developing future arts curriculum in our country. The concrete findings and conclusions obtained in this research are: 1. As for the parts of curriculum planning, textbook content,and teaching practice in the field of “arts and humanities”, teachers should put the comprehensiveness of textbooks into effect to bring about all-around arts learning, and advance their professional competence in teaching arts to carry out the normalization of arts education.For the curriculum arrangement, schools should put emphasis on assigning talents to proper positions, so that the quality of arts education can be improved. 2. Arts education should be combined with art culture. Teachers should know well about the essence and values of every art culture. Textbook content should give considerations into the pluralism of art culture to cultivate students’ mind of respecting it as well as to guide students to realize the relation between art culture and life. In addition, educational administrative units and teachers should provide exhibitions and performances of all kinds of arts and encourage students to participate in them, which will help the inheritance and innovation of art culture and improve the future competitiveness in art culture. 3. Teachers in the field of“arts and humanities” should have the ability to apply information technology, to understand the concept and essence of knowledge management and marketing, to see things in global perspectives;so that they can construct the modern systematical teaching as well as create a good teaching image.And then, they can strengthen students’ learning motives and broaden students’ diversified and internationalized learning experience, in order to gain substantial learning benefit as well as to improve arts teachers’ competitiveness and the quality of arts teaching. According to the research results, the researcher offers several suggestions to education authorities, teachers and future researchers for reference on their policies, teachings and researches.
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