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Title: 《點對點》:史托克豪森的作品第一號
Kontra-Punkte: Karlheinz Stockhausen's Nr. 1
Authors: 羅基敏
Lo, Kii-Ming
Lin, Yi-Chen
Keywords: 史托克豪森
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Punktuelle Musik
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 史托克豪森於1952至1953年間,完成點描音樂作品《點對點》。1953年於科隆的世界音樂節以「為十樣樂器的作品第一號」名稱首演,之後,作曲家再做調整,將其命名為《點對點》(Kontra-Punkte),由環球出版社出版樂譜,正式成為他的「作品第一號」。 「為十樣樂器的作品第一號」草稿與手抄稿中的各項設計,大多延續至《點對點》。作品中使用了音高及音域兩個參數,並在最初的規則加入變化,顯示出史托克豪森對音樂細節的全盤思考,並影響後來的作曲家。 本論文共分為五章,第一章敘述史托克豪森的生平及作品、序列音樂與點描音樂的關連與《點對點》創作背景及相關文獻探討,第二章從作曲家與郭依法特的書信往來,重建《點對點》創作歷程,並比較各版本文字說明,第三章討論「作品第一號」與《點對點》的作品架構與參數設計,第四章分析音高及音域參數在作品中的應用手法,第五章為結論,從作品中各項細節探究史托克豪森將《點對點》做為其作品第一號之思考。
From 1952 to 1953, Stokhausen accomplished the “Punktuelle Musik” work, Kontra-Punkte. After its premiere under the title “Nr. 1 für 10 Instrumente” at the 1953 Weltmusikfest in Cologne, the composer made a further adjustment, then renamed it as “Kontra-Punkte”. The score is published by the Universal Edition, formally became Stockhausen’s Nr.1. In the manuscripts and the sketches of Nr. 1 für 10 Instrumente, most of the music concepts are kept in the later score version. There are two parameters in the work, pitch and register. Stockhausen incorporated changes into the original principles occasionally, revealing the composer’s overall idea for the composition which influenced the later composers a lot. This thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter describes the life and works of Stockhausen, the connection between serialism and Punktuelle Musik, and the background of composing Kontra-Punkte. Chapter two is written based on the correspondences between Stockhausen and Goeyvaert, trying to reconstruct the composition process and compare instructions of all diffrerent versions. Chapter three discusses the structure and the principles of parameters in Nr. 1 für 10 Instrumente and Kontra-Punkte. Chapter four analyzes the composition of the pitch and register parameters in the work. Chapter five is the conclusion, by examing all the details in the work, to explore the reason why Stockhausen regards Kontra-Punkte as his Nr. 1.
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