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Title: 非同步微處理器實作-以8051為例
Authors: 吳榮根
Keywords: 非同步電路
Pulse Mode
Asynchronous Circuit
8051 Microprocessor
Pulse Mode
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 8051微處理器是嵌入式系統經常使用的微控制器。我們修改同步8051的電路,加入非同步電路的設計概念,希望能提升效能。以pulse mode設計handshake元件,用以取代同步電路中的clock。Handshake元件有著三種不同時間長度的延遲時間,依據不同的電路行為給予適當的延遲時間。我們使用Quartus II作為開發軟體。最後,將電路燒錄至Altera DE0實驗板,以確認功能正確,並且使用硬體計時器來進行效能比較。經由實驗,非同步8051比同步8051在效能提升30%以上,在面積上只增加不到3%。
8051 microprocessor is often used in embedded systems as the microcontroller. We modify the synchronous 8051 circuit by adding asynchronous circuit design concept for achieving a higher performance. We design handshaking components using pulse mode to replace the clock signal of synchronous. Based on different circuit behavior, we give appropriate delay time to the handshaking components. Three different lengths of delay time are used. Using Quartus II as the developing software, we also implement a synchronous 8051 in Altera DE0 board to confirm its functionality correctness and use a hardware timer for performance comparison. It is shown that the asynchronous 8051 is over 30% faster than the synchronous one, while only 3% of the circuit area is added.
Other Identifiers: GN0697470767
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