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Title: 中文輸入法之改良研究及「師大大師輸入法」之實作
The Study of Improving Chinese Input Methods and The Implementation of NTNU-Master Input Method
Authors: 林順喜
Lin Shun-Shii
Chiang Han-Sheng
Keywords: 中文輸入
Chinese character input
Input method
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 中文輸入,一直以來,都是國人使用電腦經常應用到的一項基本能力。學習一項好學、效率不錯的輸入法,對於使用者應用電腦的基本能力,具有提昇的作用。 本研究針對目前市面上使用者甚廣的倉頡輸入法,和由其衍生而出的相關輸入法為出發,透過編碼方法的改良、參考教育部「八十七年常用語詞調查報告書」中文字頻率的高低修正候選字位置、並且增加少量快碼,以及改善使用者的操作介面等方式,再透過實驗分析和比較倉頡五代、大新倉頡和本研究改良方法的平均取碼數、輸入法選字率和總按鍵數。我們將此方法命名為「師大大師輸入法」,其基本構想最早由林順喜博士著手設計,而本研究為第一個實做出此方法之雛型系統並加以分析實驗者。 實驗結果顯示,本研究所改良的方法,確實降低輸入時的平均取碼數,其平均值均小於傳統倉頡輸入法和大新倉頡輸入法。而總按鍵數也少於前述兩個輸入法。未來再優化字根表,可望為中文輸入提供新的選擇。
Chinese Character Input on computers is the basic ability in the east, especially in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. If someone can input Chinese characters quickly, then he can improve his ability in using computers to do many things. In this study, we stand on some famous input methods, like ChangJie, and other input methods based on ChangJie’s method. We try to develop some techniques, such as rearranging the ChangJie alphabets, encoding the characters with 3 codes, reducing the numbers of strokes using space bar, etc. We compare our results with ChangJie and Dy-Sin-Cang-Jie by statistical techniques in typing lots of articles. We named this method as NTNU-Master input method. The basic concept was originally designed by Dr. Shun-Shii Lin. This study is the first one to implement the system and analyze it. After some experiments, we get some encouraging results. Successfully, we are able to reduce the average number of strokes for typing Chinese characters.
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